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  • Silver market report November 2012

    2012-12-25 17:08:51   【Print】
    The following is a brief synopsis of the report. Your access is restricted as it is a subscription based service.
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    Abstract 1
    1 Financial review 1
    1.1 Chinese domestic financial review 1
    1.1.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese major silver smelters’ production is 838t in November 11 6 Import Export data analysis 12 6.Asian Metal Copyright1 CPI up by 1.Asian Metal Copyright1 International crude futures slowly increase in November 3 1.Asian Metal Copyright7% and PPI down by 2.8% YOY in November 1
    1.1.2 PMI in October rebounds in China 2
    1.2 International financial review 3
    1.2.1 International crude futures slowly increase in November 3
    1.2.2 Greek debt crises easing, US dollar index falling after a surge 4
    1.2.3 Global liquidity hinders nonferrous the year-end rebound of nonferrous alloy 5
    2 Company news 7
    3 Chinese domestic market reviews 8
    3.1 Silver price increased by 3.6% in November 8
    4 International Market review 9
    4.1 Loco London Silver increases slightly with fluctuation 9
    4.2 Gold inventory increases continuously but silver inventory decreases 10
    5 Production data 11
    5.1 Chinese major silver smelters’ production is 838t in November 11
    6 Import & Export data analysis 12
    6.1 Chinese silver import down by 11.8% in October MOM 12
    7 Related industry developments 13
    7.1 Silver ore supply tight in Chinese spot market 13
    7.2 The competition of anode mud fierce in Chinese spot market 13
    7.3 Silver nitrate market remains sluggish 13
    8 Outlooks for November 14
    Figure 1: Chart of CPI and PPI in China 2
    Figure 2: Chart of PMI in China during 2011-2012 3
    Figure 3: Crude future prices in US main contract market in December 4
    Figure 4: Chart of USD Index tendency 5
    Figure 5: Silver prices in Chinese spot market in November 9
    Figure 6: Loco London Silver trend in November 10
    Figure 7: Gold inventory of 8 main ETFs in global 10
    Figure 8: Silver inventory of iShare Silver trust 11
    Figure 9: Silver ingot production by region Nov 12

    .Asian Metal Copyright2Asian Metal Copyright
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