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Looking back at 2022, downstream consumers’ demand in the LCD panel industry continues declining, and the prevailing prices of indium ingot kept hovering near the production costs over the hole year; Similar to the price trend of indium ingot, the mainstream prices of bismuth ingot stayed at RMB50,000/t (USD3.34/lb); Germanium metal prevailing prices went down in the first three quarters and started to rebound in the fourth quarter; Gallium metal prices unexpectedly hit record high in the past 10 years in May but dropped near the production costs at the end of 2022. With the resumption of normal commercial activities both in domestic and international markets since early 2023, the minor metal industry, which has been quiet for three years, is facing a new start; As a rising tide lifts all boats, the market participants are looking forward to a grand reunion.
With the 1st forum hosted by Asian Metal in 2008, the annual In Bi Ge Ga Forum has been witnessing active participation of around 150 countries from all over the world. Recognized by all insiders as the “No. 1 forum in indium, bismuth, germanium, and gallium industries”, the forum has been successfully held for 14 years in Changsha, Nanjing, Kunming, Xiamen, Sanya, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, etc. The past honor is history, new glory lies in front of us. Let us welcome the coming 15th gathering to jointly write a new chapter and start a new journey.
The 15th In Bi Ge Ga Forum would be held in Sanya, China on April 6-7, 2023. The forum will provide a face-to-face opportunity for market participants to meet new clients, maintain regular clients, discuss and share market situation, and listen to brilliant analysis and insightful views from insiders on market focus and hot topics, in order to inspire wisdom and seize opportunities.
[Advantageous Brand] The exclusive and special international forum held by Asian Metal for 14 consecutive years that integrates indium, bismuth, germanium, and gallium industries
[Authoritative Forum] The most authoritative forum acknowledged globally
[Cutting-edge topics] Discussion on new ideas to lead industry development
[High-end connections] Insight and experience from industry leaders
[In-depth exchanges] Opportunities to provide in-depth two-way communication
April 6, Thursday 16:00-19:00 Registration Lobby 1 F
18:00-20:00 Welcoming Banquet Marriott Cafe 1F
April 7, Friday 08:30-09:00 Sign-in Grand Ballroom
09:00-09:30 New Thoughts on Indium Industry Construction
Boding Tan General Manager Shaoguan Huili Metal Materials Co.
09:30-10:00 Current Situation and Future Trend of Bismuth and Tellurium
Shijun Wu Board Chairman Guixi Dasanyuan Industry (Group) Co.
10:00-10:30 Tea Break
10:30-11:00 The Status and Opportunities of Gallium in International Band Gap Semiconductor Industry
UCHI WAKAAKI Overseas Business Director of WING Co./Vice President of Asian Gallium Oxide Alliance
11:00-11:30 Current Situation on Germanium Market
Christian Hell General Manager IV IR Optics
11:30-12:00 The Application and Future Development of Indium Oxide Based Target
Jay Chen Deputy General Manager FCCBU Solar Applied Material Technology Corp.
12:00-14:00 Lunch Marriott Cafe 1F
14:00-14:30 Analysis of Semiconductor Industry Development and Market Situation
Junpeng Bu Board Chairman Zhejiang Compound Semiconductor Co.
14:30-15:00 Global Indium Supply and Demand with a Focus on the Western World
Theo D. Ruas Global Sales Manager, Metals and Compounds Indium Corporation
15:00-15:30 Tea Break
15:30-16:00 Se-Bi Industry Outlook in China in 2023
Haiguang Ou Chairman Foshan Weijun Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd./ Guangdong Qingyuan Lianzhou Tapsun New Energy Co.
16:00-16:30 Use of Gallium & Indium in MO Source
Hongyu Jia Vice President Anhui Argosun Electronic New Materials Co.
18:00-20:00 Reciprocal Dinner Beachside Area
  • Junpeng Bu
    Board Chairman
    Zhejiang Kangpeng Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
  • Junpeng Bu, an MBA from Renmin University of China, entitled as a researcher of Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a member of National Standard Committee of Artificial Crystal Materials, once served as Executive Deputy General Manager of CAS Jiaying Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and General Manager of China Crystal Technologies Co., Ltd. Engaging in semiconductor scientific research for over 35 years, he has been committed to R&D of semi-insulating GaAs and other crystal materials and made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of GaAs materials. At present, Mr. Bu works for Kangpeng Semiconductor as Board Chairman, leading to establish systems of technology R&D, production management, production schedule, sales and after-sales service.
  • Zhejiang Kangpeng Semiconductor Co., Ltd., established on November 5, 2018, mainly focuses on R&D, production and sales of GaAs materials. The company is jointly invested by Junpeng Bu's Beijing team that is responsible for investment, technology and operation, Xiamen Changelight Co., Ltd. and Anxin Capital which is responsible for investment. After Series-A funding, its company valuation reaches RMB700 million (USD103 million). Currently, the domestic market basically sources semi-insulating GaAs substrate materials by importing, while, to some degree, Kangpeng liberates GaAs substrate materials for RF chips from dependence on imports by developing products equivalent to Japan's Sumitomo. It's also worth noting that Kanpeng's semi-insulating products have been sold to EPISTAR Corporation, and will embrace a promising future because they have entered the international market already. In addition, Kangpeng's GaAs wafers are supplied to downstream manufacturers to mainly produce Huawei's face recognition terminal products, therefore, marking that Kangpeng becomes the upstream supplier of Huawei's industrial chain.
    Overseas Business Director
    WING Co., Ltd
    Vice President
    Asian Gallium Oxide Alliance
  • UCHI WAKAAKI joined in WING Co., Ltd. and began to engage in the research and sales of rare metals such as Ga, Ge, In and Bi after graduated from the International Business Department of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU University) in 2011. From 2015, he started studying the growth and processing technology of GaN, SiC, Ga2O3 and other wide-bandgap compound semiconductor crystals, and was committed to the expansion and promotion of next-generation compound semiconductor chips. Since 2022, he has served as Vice President of Asian Gallium Oxide Alliance.
  • WING, a Japanese company affiliated to WELLWAY Group, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a comprehensive trading company dedicated to rare metal materials, compound semiconductor wafers, wide-bandgap semiconductor business and semiconductor related equipment. In particular, in the gallium metal industry, the company has maintained the highest import and export share in Japan since 2015. At the same time, it also owns a foothold in the fields of semiconductor wafer and cutting-edge semiconductor equipment.
  • Christian Hell
    Managing Director
    IV IR Optics
  • Christian Hell graduated from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg and has a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry. Since 2004, he was working for Photonic Sense as technical director. He has mainly been focused on material analytics and the Czochralski crystal growing process. After the change of ownership of the company, he became Managing Director of IV IR Optics in 2021.
  • IV IR Optics is dedicated to manufacturing highest quality germanium and silicon material and precision components for infrared optics applications. Their advanced production and measuring technologies and equipment guarantee consistent and cost effective processes and outstanding product quality. As a reliable and flexible partner they help customers to increase their production efficiency with short lead times, support of Kanban principles and high precision blanks to save manufacturing cost.
  • Baiding Tan
    General Manager
    Shaoguan Huili Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Baiding Tan, the General Manager of Shaoguan Huili Metal Materials Co., Ltd. and the Deputy General Manager of Shaoguan Jinniu Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., is mainly responsible for the operation, purchase and sales of the two companies. Mr. Tan mainly works on recovering lead fume, slag and crude indium, and producing refined indium through crude one, expending 24 years in sales and purchases of minor metals.
  • Shaoguan Huili Metal Materials Co., Ltd., a major ITO target supplier at home and abroad, focuses on refined indium 4N5 production as well as the corresponding purification technology development, ranking in the front row of the industry in terms of product sales for many years. Shaoguan Jinniu Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the purchase and sales of metals and minor metals, and its main products are indium, bismuth, selenium, tellurium, cadmium and other minor metals.
  • Haiguang Ou
    Foshan Weijun Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd./ Guangdong Qingyuan Lianzhou Tapsun New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Haiguang Ou, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Rare Metal Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and the Chairman of China Selenium-rich Agricultural Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, has a long career of producing selenium and researching selenium applications in the fields of industry, agriculture, medicine and health care, promoting extensive applications of selenium in national functional agriculture.
  • Foshan Weijun Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, has been honored as the business enterprise of observing contract and valuing credit in Guangdong for 21 consecutive years. It mainly engages in selling non-ferrous rare metals and rare earth alloys, and producing industrial fine selenium and selenium dioxide. The company focuses on R&D and production of organic selenium and nano-selenium fertilizer, and at same time improves agricultural production, income and quality by virtue of the excellent performance of its self-developed nano-selenium fertilizer in agriculture.
  • Wu Shijun
    Board Chairman
    Guixi Dasanyuan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • Shijun Wu, a member of the CPC, with a master's degree, has won the titles of senior engineer, Expert Enjoying Provincial Special Allowance, Leader of Jiangxi Ganpo Talent "555" Project and Winner of Jiangxi "May Day" Labor Medal. And meanwhile, he once served as Chairman of the Second MBA Federation of Nanchang University, and has worked as Director of Yingtan Anti-Cancer Association and Deputy Director of Rare Metal Branch of CNIA (China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association).
  • Established in July 2012, Guixi Dasanyuan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive small and medium-sized enterprise group integrating the production, processing and trade of nonferrous metals as well as the development, research, production and sales of anti-tumor drugs and health care products with "termite" as main raw material. The company, located in the Economic Development Zone of Guixi City, covering a total area of 600 mu (98.84 acres), owns total assets of RMB1 billion (USD144 million) with a total registered capital of RMB160 million (USD23.04 million). It has four subsidiaries: Guixi Sanyuan Smelting Chemical Co., Ltd., Guixi Sanyuan Science and Trade Co., Ltd., Guixi Sanyuan Metal Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Sanqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Jay Chen
    Deputy General Manager
    Solar Applied Material Technology Corp.
  • Jay Chen has been dedicated in ITO target research, production and sales for nearly 20years. He used to be a FCCBU director on target technical development and manufacturing and helped established the company’s ITO complete circular technical route and mass production lines (powder/target/recycling and refining). At present, he leads a sales and technical service team which achieved ITO rotating target inducing and mass production among leading panel manufacturers in China in the past five years. He is continuously developing panel and LED client base from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and also focuses upon the global photovoltaic and optical filming market.
  • As a world-leading manufacturer of precious and rare metals for industrial application, SOLAR has developed a complete circular economic model composed of recycling and refining of precious and rare metals as well as production and selling of application materials. It constitute score competitiveness of SOLAR after 40-year exploration. The company owns globally existing business including recycling of seven precious and rare metals(gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, indium and gallium) and selling of application materials (target/wire/powder/chemicals). The FCCBU, where Jay Chen is working, has integrated selling, production and research functions and runsSOLAR’s photoelectricity business with focuses on ITO/Al target, indium/gallium recycling, and Mo target OEM. The FCCBU also has developed a variety of Im-contained oxide materials to meet clients’ demand for special optical performance. Over the past more than ten years, our targets have been supplied to major panel producers in Taiwan and the mainland of China, enjoying long-term trust from clients with high quality and stable supply.
  • Theo D. Ruas
    Global Sales Manager, Metals and Compounds
    Indium Corporation
  • Theo D. Ruas is the Global Sales Manager for Metals and Compounds at Indium Corporation. In this role, he leads all aspects of global sales for Metals and Compounds, including gallium tri-chloride, high-purity indium, and the reclaim of indium, gallium, and tin. He also supports product management with market information for the development of new technologies. Theo ensures a healthy sales opportunity funnel and progress, engages with the company’s largest customers, and manages pricing. He also leads and develops the global sales team and channel partners, works closely with product management and marketing on strategies and promotional activities, and collaborates with manufacturing teams to ensure that capabilities and capacity are in place to meet and exceed customer expectations. Theo joined Indium Corporation as a Field Sales Representative, based in Italy. He holds a mechanical engineering degree with a focus on surface plasma treatment from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  • Hongyu Jia
    Vice President
    Anhui Argosun Electronic New Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Hongyu Jia is responsible for marketing with over 20 years of work experience in international trade, supply chain management and market planning, including more than 15 years of service experience in LED industry.
  • As a leading company in China's high-purity metal organic source (Mo source) industry and semiconductor special gas material industry, Anhui Argosun Electronic New Materials Co., Ltd. ranks third worldwide in both production and sales of Mo source and its phase two plant to be built in Wuhu, Anhui will be the largest Mo source plant in the world. The disilane produced by the company is one of the few mass-produced materials supplied to overseas semiconductor giants such as TSMC and Hynix to produce advanced process materials below 28 nanometers. The MO source and disilane produced by Argosun not only have no import bottleneck problems, but also makes the company become an important supplier in the overseas market.
Review and prospect of Chinese indium ingot market
Bismuth ingot market faces difficulties and opportunities
Application and future forecast of germanium metal in infrared and photovoltaic field
Gallium market review in 2022 and the future supply and demand structure
Application status and future market outlook of high purity minor metals in various fields
ITO target industry development status and future planning
Production status and prospect of international indium ingot market
Market review and growth forecast of germanium application in optical fiber industry
Gallium metal supply status and opportunities in semiconductor industry
Application field and consumption development of bismuth ingot
(Topics subject to final conference agenda)

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The In Bi Ge Ga Forum is an annual event that hosted by Asian Metal for global indium, bismuth, germanium and gallium companies to communicate with each other. On 6-7 April, 2023, the 15th Forum will be held in Sanya, China. During this forum, you can not only have in-depth discussion and smooth communication with Chinese and overseas indium, bismuth, germanium and gallium companies, but also have an opportunity to show your remarkable achievements and unique charm to all participants from all over the world.
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