• Manganese Ore Gabonese 44%min In Tianjin Port(1.5)  04-19|Manganese Ore Australian 45%min In Qinzhou Port(1.5)  04-19|Manganese Ore Gabonese 44%min In Qinzhou Port(1.5)  04-19|Manganese Ore Australian 45%min In Tianjin Port(1.5)  04-19|Manganese Ore Brazilian 44%min In Tianjin Port(1.5)  04-19|Ferro-chrome Cr 60%min, C 0.1%max In warehouse Rotterdam(-0.1)  04-19|Manganese Ore S.A. 36%min In Tianjin Port(1.3)  04-19|Manganese Ore Brazilian 44%min In Qinzhou Port(1.3)  04-19|Manganese Sulfate Mn 32%min EXW China(150)  04-19|Copper Conc. 20%min Delivered China(2150)  04-19|Manganese Ore S.A. 36%min In Qinzhou Port(1)  04-19|Manganese Ore S.A. 37%min In Qinzhou Port(1)  04-19|Manganese Ore S.A. 37%min In Tianjin Port(1)  04-19|Indium Ingot 99.995%min EXW China(60)  04-19
  • About Us

    Asian Metal was founded in 2001 by professionals within the metals industry with the goal of providing comprehensive metals market pricing and coverage. The company offers users access to metals market pricing, data and statistics, and news across all regions.

    Asian Metal is recognized for its unique, accurate, and up-to-date information as a premium service in over 200 countries to more than 200,000 metals industry specialists. Several international news organizations including Xinhua News, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg have established strategic cooperation with Asian Metal to provide their customers with high-end financial information terminals and Asian Metal's unbeatable metals market information.

    Asian Metal’s benchmark metal prices are regularly used by companies across industries to set prices as an authoritative, third-party, and transparent market guide. As a result of the accuracy and reliability of prices, customers of the service continue to grow with new users signing on each day.

    What Asian Metal offers:

    -20years of professional information service and historical price trends

    -Analysis on more than60metal and nonmetal minerals with more than1,000metal products

    -Daily publications covering40countries in English and Chinese with more than400world metal market news articles

    -Daily updates to more than30countries in English and Chinese of over5,000metals product prices

    -Data on80metals products for more than7,000individualized graphs and market-trends

    -Daily contact with2,000national and regional companies in the sector

    -Up to20years of historical prices and trends across metals products

    -With contacts in over200countries totaling200,000in registered companies

    -Annually hosts20international metal conferences around the world that include3,000professional attendees

    -60,000average daily hits for independent readers by IP (Alexa Statistics, Jun 2013)

    -180,000average daily cumulative information sources viewed (Alexa Statistics, Jun 2013)

    Market News:
    Our market analysis team tracks the trends in global metals and steel market prices through continual communication channels with market participants purchasing, selling, and making high-level decisions. The company publishes timely and authoritative news covering the market dynamics across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.
    Market Prices:
    Through the same communication channels and with an uninterrupted stream of input, the company provides metals and steel prices daily for China, India, Europe, United States, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and other key countries. These highlight transaction and offer prices by region in China. With continual service since 2001, Asian Metal provides accurate historical pricing for research and analytical purposes. More and more companies look to Asian Metal as a market leader on pricing for international and domestic contracts.
    Data Graphs:
    Asian Metal provides firsthand data and statistics for international industrial operations, production rate, inventory levels, sales figures, and consumption rates and many more. The information is brought together from a large number of sources to provide highly sensitive and valuable data in an integrated format. In doing so, the company has made available an unparalleled source of statistical data in customizable graphs, charts, and real-time information for an overview of whole markets.
    Market Statistics:
    Asian Metal provides metals and steel import/export data by month for the world’s major trading nations. These statistics include price levels, customers import and export data with destination, import and export volume fluctuations, and major companies exporting by country.
    Research Reports:
    Asian Metal produces weekly, monthly, and annual reports to track changes across metals products. These reports highlight operational developments and include quantitative and qualitative analysis on recent development to provide a comprehensive analysis on market conditions. Reports are interspersed with specialized data and charts to make comprehension quick and easy for users. Specialized customer-specific reports are also provided by topic.
    Trading Platform:
    The website offers international companies the availability to list a plan to buy or to sell production directly through our forum. The posted request is readily presented in front of the wide-array of potential customers from around the world. Once posted, the user has access to a separate, easy-to-manage platform for information dissemination and negotiations.
    Metals Map:
    Asian Metal offers the combined 20 years of accumulated data with an easy world map to present targeted customers. Users can target regions, operations, and gather information on consumers before sending product and information inquiries. Companies can also personalize and promote their products by specializing their profiles on the map in order better to target potential customers.
    Metal Events:
    Asian Metal annually hosts specialized international conferences in order to provide a platform for thousands in the metal sector to meet and actively participate in discussions on the industry. It provides an opportunity for industry elites from around the world to meet face to face and exchange ideas, meet customers, and take part in industry discussions.
    With the high-levels of international website traffic and the large global audience, Asian Metal provides unparalleled advantages as an advertising venue for effective exposure and attention for market participants across the board. Both Chinese and English versions of the website can be targeted for ads with a variety of options in order to provide each client with responsive and positive value for advertising through Asian Metal.
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