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  • Silver market report July 2013

    2013-08-15 16:03:42   【Print】
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    Abstract 1
    Financial overview 1
    1.1 Domestic financial overview 1
    1.1.Asian Metal Copyright3 Chinese silver powder import up by 32.Asian Metal Copyright1 CPI up by 2.Asian Metal Copyright1 Crude oil prices up with turbulent political scene in Egypt 3 1.Asian Metal Copyright7% and PPI down by 2.7% YOY in June 1
    1.1.Asian Metal Copyright1 Silver price consolidates at a low level 7 3.Asian Metal Copyright2 PMI up slightly by 50.3% in July 2
    1.2 International financial overview 3
    1.2.1 Crude oil prices up with turbulent political scene in Egypt 3
    1.2.2 US dollar index fell back 4
    1.2.3 Nonferrous metals prices hovered at lowest level and to rebound soon 5
    2 Company news 6
    3 Chinese domestic market reviews 7
    3.1 Silver price consolidates at a low level 7
    3.2 Silver supply tight Smelters hold back from selling in spot market 7
    4 International Market review 8
    4.1 The US dollar goes strong with recovery of US economy and Loco London Silver keeps dropping 8
    4.2 Gold ETFs inventory declines and silver inventory increase 8
    5 Production data 9
    5.1 Chinese major silver smelters’ production in July up by 1.4% MOM 9
    6 Import & Export data analysis 10
    6.1 Chinese silver import up by 14.85% in June MOM 10
    6.2 Chinese platinum import down by 25.33% in June MOM 11
    6.3 Chinese silver powder import up by 32.64% in June MOM 11
    6.4 Chinese platinum import up by 12.38% in June MOM 12
    6.5 Chinese silver ore and concentrate import down by 12.16% MOM in June 12
    6.6 Chinese silver nitrate import down by 82.98% MOM in June 13
    7 Related industry developments 13
    7.1 New consumption market immature Silver nitrate buyers’ market sluggish 13
    7.2 Anode mud deals thin in June 13
    8 Outlooks for August 13
    Figure 1 CPI and PPI in China during 2011-2013 2
    Figure 2 Chinese PMI in 2011-2013 3
    Figure 3 Crude oil prices of US in June 4
    Figure 4 US dollar index trend 5
    Figure 5 Silver prices in June 2013 7
    Figure 6 Loco London Silver trend in July 8
    Figure 7 Gold inventory of 8 main ETFs in global 9
    Figure 8 Silver inventory of iShare Silver trust 9
    Figure 9 Silver production of main smelters in China June2013 10

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