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  • Chinese major silver smelters' production in May down by 1.5% MOM

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    BEIJING (Asian Metal) 13 Jun 13 - The statistics from Asian Metal about the silver ingot production in the 26 silver smelters in China showed that the silver ingot production of the smelters with the total annual capacity of 10,410 tons was 716t in May 2013, down by 1.5% month-on-month.

    Asian Metal chooses 26 silver smelters with capacity of above 100tpy, and there are 11 large-sized silver smelters with annual capacity of above or equal to 500t each and the total capacity is 6,550tpy; there are 9 mid-sized silver producers (the capacity is between 300-500tpy) with the total capacity of 2,710tpy; there are 6 small-sized silver smelters (the capacity is between 100-300tpy) with the total capacity of 1,700tpy.

    The top three biggest silver production bases are Hunan, Henan and Zhejiang, with the total capacity of 3,850tpy and 3,250tpy and 1,010tpy respectively. Silver production of the three provinces in May were 183t, 235t and 65t respectively, down by 5.2%, down by 7.8% and up by 16% month-on-month respectively.

    In the first half of May, silver price decreased continuously and consolidated at the low price of RMB4,500/kg. Many small-sized lead-zinc-silver mines reduced or quit production. In Inner Mongolia, the shortage supply of lead-zinc-silver concentrate was worse. Part of crude silver smelters ran with low operating rate and crude silver supply was tight in China. In Henan Province, some smelters’ silver production was impacted while the others have enough raw material inventory and produced normally in May. Silver price stayed in the low level and has little hope to rebound strongly in the near term and anode mud suppliers started to release inventories, Hongda Metals Smelting’s silver production increased to 40t in May with the enough anode mud supply.
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