• Selenium Powder 99.9%min Delivered China(6)  06-20|Selenium Powder 99.9%min CIF China(0.28)  06-20|Selenium Powder 99.5%min In warehouse Rotterdam(0.28)  06-20|Selenium Powder 99.9%min Delivered US(0.28)  06-20|Manganese Lump 96.5%min In warehouse Russia(6)  06-20|Ferro-silicon 65%min FOB Russia(-30)  06-20|Zinc Conc. TC 50% CIF China(-0.6)  06-20|Coal Tar Pitch Coking Value 53%min EXW China(-100)  06-20|Titanium Plate TA2 2mm EXW China(-2)  06-20|Selenium Powder 99.95%min Delivered China(5)  06-20|Ferro-silicon 65%min In warehouse Russia(-2)  06-20|Selenium Dioxide 98%min Delivered China(3)  06-20|Silico-manganese 65/17 In warehouse Russia(2)  06-20|Lithium Carbonate 99.2%min Delivered China(-2000)  06-20
  • Graphite Electrode Market Report December 2012

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    Graphite electrode market was active a little in the first half of December, but it calmed down again in late December.Asian Metal Copyright .Asian Metal Copyright Export market did not see many orders due to vacation in European and American market.

    1. Financial news overview

    The amount of loan in December increased, and the total amount is RMB8,500 billion in 2012. The fiscal policy will be steady tightening and the credit policy will be steady loosening in 2013.
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