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  • Monthly Magnesia Market Report Nov 2023

    2023-12-07 08:25:38   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights

    Although the Haicheng area at the end of the month to implement explosives control, most magnesite suppliers firmed their prices stable this month due to sluggish deals.

    Most caustic calcined magnesia producers held their prices flat this month in view of thin profits; most exporters of caustic calcined magnesia 90%min 200 mesh kept their prices steady due to unchanged domestic prices.

    Most producers of dead burned magnesia increased their prices slightly this month due to increasing prices of coal; the export prices of Chinese dead burned magnesia kept stable; the international prices of dead burned magnesia kept falt as well.

    Although the market kept weak demand, most fused magnesia suppliers still insisted on keeping their prices stable this month support by production cost; the mainstream export prices of the products above followed the trends of domestic prices in this month.

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