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  • Monthly Molybdenum Market Report Oct 2023

    2023-11-12 21:32:29   【Print】
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    Market Highlights

    In early October, ferromolybdenum prices decreased due to lower raw material prices. Encouraged by higher production cost, the prices rose in mid-October, while decreased in late October discouraged by weak demand.

    Discouraged by weak demand, molybdenum concentrate and molybdenum oxide prices decreased in early October and then started to go up due to tight supply in mid-October. As most consumers delayed purchasing, the mainstream prices decreased again in late October.

    In early October, downstream molybdenum chemical product prices and molybdenum metal prices deceased quickly due to dropping raw material prices. In mid-October, the mainstream prices rose again due to higher production cost.

    In international molybdenum market, as most consumers remained inactive in placing orders, market prices of molybdenum products decreased gradually in October.

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