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  • Monthly Magnesium Market Report Jun 2023

    2023-07-12 22:22:28   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 2
    2. Economy and Policy 3
    2.1 Economy and Policy 3
    2.1.Asian Metal Copyright95%min EXW DP 12 8.Asian Metal Copyright1 Ministry of Commerce: China's outward non-financial direct investment up by 26.6% YOY in Jan-Apr 3
    2.1.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright2 NBS: China's production of ten nonferrous metals up by 7.4% YoY in Jan-May 3
    3. Market Movements 3
    3.1 Chinese Market 3
    3.1.1 Magnesium Ingot 3
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright Market Highlights 2 2.Asian Metal Copyright2 Magnesium Ingot 99.95%min 3
    3.1.3 Magnesium Powder 4
    3.1.4 Magnesium Alloy 4
    3.2 Chinese Export Market 4
    3.2.1 Chinese Magnesium Ingot Export Market 4
    3.2.2 Magnesium Ingot in Warehouse Rotterdam 5
    3.2.3 Magnesium Powder 5
    3.2.4 Magnesium Alloy 5
    3.3 International Market 5
    3.3.1 Magnesium Ingot in Port India 5
    3.3.2 Magnesium Ingot in Warehouse Russia 5
    4. Company News 6
    4.1 Yunhai Special Metals' subsidiary granted dolomite mining permit 6
    4.2 Inner Mongolia Huihao plans to resume magnesium ingot production 6
    4.3 Shanxi New Energy stops magnesium ingot production for equipment maintenance 6
    4.4 PTM cuts secondary aluminum alloys production 6
    4.5 Shanxi New Energy resumes magnesium ingot production 6
    4.6 Shanxi Bada Magnesium to increase magnesium ingot output 6
    5. Producers Statistics 6
    5.1 Magnesium Ingot 6
    5.1.Asian Metal Copyright3.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium ingot producers' operating rate down by 7.89% MoM in Jun 6
    5.1.Asian Metal Copyright5 Shanxi New Energy resumes magnesium ingot production 6 4.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese magnesium ingot producers' output down by 13.83% MoM in Jun 7
    5.1.Asian Metal Copyright2 Anhui Xiongchuang's production of aluminum alloy ingot records 20kt in Jan-May 12 8.Asian Metal Copyright3 Chinese magnesium ingot producers' stocks down by 6.78% MoM in Jun 7
    5.2 Magnesium Alloy 7
    5.2.Asian Metal Copyright Market Highlights 2 2.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium alloy producers' operating rate down by 2.06% MoM in Jun 7
    5.2.Asian Metal Copyright3 Magnesium Powder 5 3.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese magnesium alloy producers' output down by 3.52% MoM in Jun 8
    5.2.Asian Metal Copyright2 International Market 12 8.Asian Metal Copyright3 Chinese magnesium alloy producers' stocks up by 7.85% MoM in Jun 8
    5.3 Magnesium Powder 8
    5.3.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium powder producers' operating rate up by 3.39% MoM in Jun 8
    5.3.Asian Metal Copyright9%min FOB China 12 8.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese magnesium powder producers' output up by 13.13% MoM in Jun 8
    5.3.3 Chinese magnesium powder producers' stocks unchanged in Jun 9
    6. Export Statistics 9
    6.1 China's unwrought magnesium export volume decreased 29.41% YoY in May 2023 9
    6.2 China's unwrought magnesium alloy export volume declined 42.84% YoY in May 2023 10
    6.3 China's magnesium powder and granule export volume grew 17.52% MoM in May 2023 10
    6.4 China's magnesium scrap export volume increased 12.61% YoY in May 2023 11
    7. Relevant Industry News 11
    7.1 China to inspect over 4000 high energy-consuming companies in 2023 11
    7.2 Anhui Xiongchuang's production of aluminum alloy ingot records 20kt in Jan-May 12
    8. Market Outlook for Next Month 12
    8.1 Chinese Market 12
    8.1.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal Copyright1 Magnesium ingot 99.9%min EXW D/P 12
    8.1.Asian Metal Copyright3.Asian Metal Copyright2 Magnesium ingot 99.95%min EXW D/P 12
    8.1.3 Magnesium powder EXW D/P 12
    8.1.4 Magnesium alloy AZ91D EXW D/P 12
    8.2 International Market 12
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright85% MoM in Jun 8 5.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium ingot 99.9%min FOB China 12
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright6% YOY in Jan-Apr 3 2.Asian Metal Copyright2 Magnesium ingot 99.9%min CIF Rotterdam 12
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright9%min EXW DP 12 8.Asian Metal Copyright3 Magnesium Ingot 99.9%min in Port India 12
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright3.Asian Metal Copyright4 Magnesium Ingot 99.9%min in Warehouse Russia 12
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal Copyright5 Chinese magnesium powder 99.9%min FOB China 12
    8.2.6 Chinese magnesium alloy AZ91D FOB China 12

    .Asian Metal Copyright2Asian Metal Copyright
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