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  • Monthly CRC and HGI Coil Market Report Jun 2023

    2023-07-05 18:02:59   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights

    Supported by rising bullish sentiment from participants and the depreciation of Chinese yuan, CRC and HGI coil average prices in Chinese major regions rebounded by around RMB200/t (USD28/t) in June. Steel mills became a little bit active in production after they began to gain some profit from losses.Asian Metal Copyright .Asian Metal Copyright Upon higher prices in domestic market but the depreciation of Chinese yuan, CRC and HGI coil export prices did not show big changes this month.

    In the international market, prices in Turkey, Malaysia, and Vietnam rebounded this month supported by higher cost. However, those in India went down due to continuously weakening demand from downstream industries in monsoon.

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