• Copper Conc. TC 25%min CIF China(-1)  05-23|Antimony Trioxide 99.5%min FOB China(600)  05-23|Ethylene Glycol Antimony 57%min Delivered China(3000)  05-23|Nickel Cathode 99.96%min EXW China(-4700)  05-23|Nickel Cathode Norilsk 99.96%min In port China(-4500)  05-23|Antimony Trioxide 99.5%min In warehouse Baltimore(0.2)  05-23|Ferro-silicon 75%min In warehouse Rotterdam(40)  05-23|Antimony Ingot 99.65%min In warehouse Baltimore(0.2)  05-23|Antimony Ingot 99.65%min In warehouse Rotterdam(500)  05-23|Antimony Conc. 50%min Delivered China(3000)  05-23|Antimony Trioxide 99.5%min In warehouse Rotterdam(0.4)  05-23|Antimony Ingot 99.65%min FOB China(500)  05-23|Bismuth Ingot 99.99%min Delivered India(20)  05-23|Met. Coke A 13%max, S 0.7%max EXW Shanxi(-50)  05-23
  • Monthly Magnesium Market Report Apr 2023

    2023-05-12 19:09:16   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 2
    2. Economy and Policy 3
    2.1 Economy and Policy 3
    2.1.Asian Metal Copyright1 Magnesium ingot 99.Asian Metal Copyright1 World Bank raises China's economic growth forecast to 5.1% 3
    3. Market Movements 3
    3.1 Chinese Market 3
    3.1.1 Magnesium Ingot 3
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright Relevant Industry News 11 7.Asian Metal Copyright2 Magnesium Ingot 99.95%min 3
    3.1.3 Magnesium Powder 3
    3.1.4 Magnesium Alloy 3
    3.2 Chinese Export Market 4
    3.2.1 Chinese Magnesium Ingot Export Market 4
    3.2.2 Magnesium Ingot in Warehouse Rotterdam 4
    3.2.3 Magnesium Powder 4
    3.2.4 Magnesium Alloy 5
    3.3 International Market 5
    3.3.1 Magnesium Ingot in Port India 5
    3.3.2 Magnesium Ingot in Warehouse Russia 5
    4. Company News 5
    4.1 Tesla's auto shipments hit record high in Q1 2023 5
    4.2 China's first Mg-alloy light-weight truck trailer delivered 5
    4.3 Shaanxi's auto production up by 20.2% YoY in Q1 5
    4.4 MIIT: China builds more than 2.64 million 5G stations by late Q1 6
    5. Producers Statistics 6
    5.1 Magnesium Ingot 6
    5.1.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium ingot producers' operating rate up by 1.78% MoM in Apr 6
    5.1.Asian Metal Copyright9%min FOB China 11 8.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese magnesium ingot producers' output up by 2.79% MoM in Apr 6
    5.1.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright3 Chinese magnesium ingot producers' stocks up by 1.71% MoM in Apr 6
    5.2 Magnesium Alloy 6
    5.2.Asian Metal Copyright74% MoM in Apr 7 5.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium alloy producers' operating rate up by 1.16% MoM in Apr 7
    5.2.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese magnesium alloy producers' output up by 1.74% MoM in Apr 7
    5.2.Asian Metal Copyright81% YoY in Jan-Mar 11 7.Asian Metal Copyright3 Chinese magnesium alloy producers' stocks up by 14.89% MoM in Apr 7
    5.3 Magnesium Powder 7
    5.3.Asian Metal Copyright81% YoY in Jan-Mar 11 7.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium powder producers' operating rate up by 1.53% MoM in Apr 7
    5.3.Asian Metal Copyright2% YoY in Q1 5 4.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese magnesium powder producers' output up by 4.76% MoM in Apr 8
    5.3.Asian Metal Copyright3 Magnesium Powder 4 3.Asian Metal Copyright3 Chinese magnesium powder producers' stocks up by 15.30% MoM in Apr 8
    6. Export Statistics 8
    6.1 China's unwrought magnesium export volume rose 40.17% MoM in Mar 2023 8
    6.2 China's unwrought magnesium alloy export volume decreased 38.49% YoY in Mar 2023 9
    6.3 China's magnesium powder and granule export volume grew 55.98% MoM in Mar 2023 9
    6.4 China's magnesium scrap export volume increased 130.46% MoM in Mar 2023 10
    7. Relevant Industry News 11
    7.1 BYD's NEV sales up by 92.81% YoY in Jan-Mar 11
    7.2 GAC Group's NEV sales up by 64.62% YoY in Q1 11
    7.3 China to take special action on screening and preventing potential large accidents 11
    8. Market Outlook for Next Month 11
    8.1 Chinese Market 11
    8.1.Asian Metal Copyright4 Magnesium Alloy 5 3.Asian Metal Copyright1 Magnesium ingot 99.9%min EXW D/P 11
    8.1.Asian Metal Copyright Market Movements 3 3.Asian Metal Copyright2 Magnesium ingot 99.95%min EXW D/P 11
    8.1.3 Magnesium powder EXW D/P 11
    8.1.4 Magnesium alloy AZ91D EXW D/P 11
    8.2 International Market 11
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese magnesium ingot 99.9%min FOB China 11
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright79% MoM in Apr 6 5.Asian Metal Copyright2 Magnesium ingot 99.9%min CIF Rotterdam 11
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright3 Magnesium powder EXW DP 11 8.Asian Metal Copyright3 Magnesium Ingot 99.9%min in Port India 11
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese magnesium alloy producers' output up by 1.Asian Metal Copyright4 Magnesium Ingot 99.9%min in Warehouse Russia 12
    8.2.Asian Metal Copyright2 Magnesium Ingot 99.Asian Metal Copyright5 Chinese magnesium powder 99.9%min FOB China 12
    8.2.6 Chinese magnesium alloy AZ91D FOB China 12

    .Asian Metal Copyright4 Magnesium Alloy 3 3Asian Metal Copyright
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