• Copper Conc. TC 25%min CIF China(-1)  05-27|Ethylene Glycol Antimony 57%min Delivered China(2500)  05-27|Antimony Ingot 99.65%min In warehouse Baltimore(0.2)  05-27|Antimony Ingot 99.65%min In warehouse Rotterdam(500)  05-27|Iron Ore Fine 65%min EXW Laiwu(29)  05-27|Antimony Trioxide 99.5%min In warehouse Baltimore(0.2)  05-27|Ammonium Metavanadate 98%min EXW China(2000)  05-27|Antimony Conc. 50%min Delivered China(3000)  05-27|Antimony Trioxide 99.5%min In warehouse Rotterdam(0.4)  05-27|Antimony Ingot 99.65%min FOB China(500)  05-27|Calcium Ingot Reductive 98%min EXW China(500)  05-27|Cobalt Metal 99.8%min In warehouse Rotterdam(-0.3)  05-27|Antimony Trioxide 99.5%min Delivered China(3000)  05-27|Iron Ore Fine 66%min Ex-VAT EXW Handan(26)  05-27
  • Monthly Nickel Market Report Dec 2019

    2020-01-16 09:08:59   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 4
    2. Economy and Policy 4
    2.1 Chinese economy and policy 4
    2.1.Asian Metal Copyright3 China's ferronickel output up by 14.Asian Metal Copyright1 China's manufacturing PMI sees 50.2% in Dec 4
    2.2 International economy and policy 4
    2.2.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal Copyright1 Global manufacturing PMI falls to 50.1 in December 4
    2.2.2 EU provides deadline for Indonesia to resolve nickel export ban issue 4
    2.2.3 Indonesia nickel ore royalties double in regulations shake-up 4
    2.2.4 Indonesia lowers forecast for nickel smelter capacity by 2022 5
    2.2.5 Indonesia's processed nickel output in 2019 exceeds target 5
    2.2.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal Copyright6 Mining official: Indonesia 2019 nickel ore exports estimated at 26.7 mln tons 5
    2.2.7China's nickel ore imports from Indonesia surge in November 5
    3. Market Movements 5
    3.1 Chinese Market Movements 5
    3.1.1 Chinese nickel cathode prices down slightly 5
    3.1.2 Battery grade nickel sulfate prices down 6
    3.1.3 Lateritic nickel ore prices down 7
    3.1.4 High grade ferronickel market prices decrease and low grade ferronickel prices rise 7
    3.2 International Market 8
    3.2.1 LME nickel prices up 8
    3.2.2 Imported lateritic nickel ore CIF China prices down 8
    4. Producers Statistics 9
    4.1 Chinese nickel cathode output up by 13.6% YOY in Dec 9
    4.2 China's nickel sulfate output up by 4% MOM in Dec 9
    4.3 China's ferronickel output up by 14.9% YOY in Dec 10
    5. Statistic Analysis of Import and Export 10
    5.1 China's imported refined nickel volume down by 51.3% MOM in Nov 10
    5.2 China's imports of ferronickel up by 147.0% YOY in Nov 11
    5.3 Import volume of Chinese lateritic nickel ore up by 45.4% YOY in Nov 2019 12
    5.4 China's nickel hydrometallurgy intermediates imports up MOM substantially 13
    6. Review on company news 13
    6.1 Overseas news 13
    6.1.1 Vale puts New Caledonian nickel plant up for sale 13
    6.1.2 Panoramic Resources' board unanimously recommends rejection of IGO takeover offer 13
    6.1.3 Vale aims to boost nickel output by about 70% in coming years 13
    6.1.4 Nickel export volume increases in Jan-Oct in Russia 14
    6.1.5 Auroch Minerals: Historical review highlights nickel potential at Leinster Project 14
    6.1.6 Legend Mining discovers massive nickel-copper sulfides at Rockford project 14
    6.1.7 Mincor Resources receives all key state government approvals for Cassini Nickel Project 14
    6.1.8 WBMS: Global nickel market in short supply of 40,400t in Jan-Oct 14
    6.1.9 Zenith Energy's subsidiary starts supplying power to IGO's Nova Ni‐Cu‐Co Operation 14
    6.1.10 Cassini Resources acquires exclusive rights to Traka Resources' West Musgrave tenement package 14
    6.1.11 Madagascar mining chamber criticizes plan to raise minerals taxes 14
    6.1.12 Antofagasta seeks green light for Twin Metals Project 15
    6.1.13 Garibaldi Resources announces latest drilling results from Nickel Mountain Project 15
    6.1.14 St George Mining hits more nickel-copper sulfides at Cathedrals Prospect 15
    6.2 Domestic news 15
    6.2.1 Guangxi Yinyi stops production of nickel cathode 15
    6.2.2 Jilin Jien stops nickel cathode production for maintenance 15
    6.2.3 Qidong Beixin plans to suspend production of battery grade nickel sulfate 16
    6.2.4 Jiangxi Miracle Golden Tiger Cobalt puts nickel monoxide into production 16
    6.2.5 Western Mining announces production and business targets for 2020 16
    6.2.Asian Metal Copyright1 China's imported refined nickel volume down by 51.Asian Metal Copyright6 Huayou Cobalt raises RMB1.6 billion to deepen NCM power battery business layout 16
    7. Relevant Industry News 16
    7.1 NCM and power battery market 16
    7.2 Stainless steel market 17
    8. Market Outlook for Next Month 17

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