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  • Monthly Nickel Market Report Nov 2019

    2019-12-17 17:38:11   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 4
    2. Economy and Policy 4
    2.1 Chinese economy and policy 4
    2.1.1 China's manufacturing PMI returns to expansion range in Nov 4
    2.1.2 CAITEC: China to further cut tariffs on imported products in 2020 4
    2.1.Asian Metal Copyright3 Import volume of Chinese lateritic nickel ore up by 22.Asian Metal Copyright3 Ministry of Commerce: China, U.Asian Metal Copyright10 India's Steel Ministry Officials: nickel import duties may be lifted 7 2.Asian Metal CopyrightS. trade teams to keep close communication 4
    2.1.4 Philippine nickel miners and Chinese battery makers explore ties 4
    2.2 International economy and policy 5
    2.2.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright1 PMI of global manufacturing industry rises by 0.2 percentage points to 49% in Nov 5
    2.2.2 Indonesian nickel miners to stop ore exports immediately 5
    2.2.3 Indonesian officials: the input capacity of nickel smelter to reach 91 million tons by 2021 5
    2.2.4 Indonesia investment chief to meet firms about nickel ore exports next week 6
    2.2.5 Indonesia allows some nickel ore exporters to resume shipments 6
    2.2.6 Indonesia allows nine companies to resume nickel ore exports 6
    2.2.7 Indonesian nickel miners consider selling ore locally ahead of 2020 ban 6
    2.2.8 Indonesia anti-monopoly body to investigate nickel smelters 7
    2.2.9 Indonesia's nickel ore and its product exports rise by 10% MOM in Oct 7
    2.2.10 India's Steel Ministry Officials: nickel import duties may be lifted 7
    2.2.11 Indonesia hopes for environmental nod soon for battery-grade nickel plants 8
    2.2.12 EU takes Indonesia to WTO over nickel ore export curbs 8
    2.2.13 APNI: implementing nickel ore export ban in advance unfavorable to local miners 8
    2.2.14 EUROFER supports EU action against Indonesian nickel policy 8
    3. Market Movements 9
    3.1 Chinese Market Movements 9
    3.1.1Chinese nickel cathode prices down 9
    3.1.2 Battery grade nickel sulfate prices down 9
    3.1.3 Lateritic nickel ore prices down 10
    3.1.4 Ferronickel market prices down 10
    3.2 International Market 11
    3.2.1 LME nickel prices down 11
    3.2.2 Imported lateritic nickel ore CIF China prices down 11
    4. Producers Statistics 12
    4.2 China's nickel sulfate output down by 4.2% MOM in Nov 12
    4.3 China's ferronickel output up by 84% YOY in Nov 12
    5. Statistic Analysis of Import and Export 13
    5.1 China's imported refined nickel volume down by 23.6% YOY in Oct 13
    5.2 China's imports of ferronickel up by 85.8% YOY in Oct 14
    5.3 Import volume of Chinese lateritic nickel ore up by 22.9% YOY in Oct 2019 15
    5.4 China's nickel hydrometallurgy intermediates imports down by 98.2% MOM in Oct 2019 16
    6. Review on company news 16
    6.1 Overseas news 16
    6.1.Asian Metal Copyright Market Movements 9 3.Asian Metal Copyright1 Sotic International buys 74.73% stake in Bindura Nickel 16
    6.1.2 Independence Group launches takeover offer for Panoramic Resources 16
    6.1.3 Indonesia Jinchuan WP's first shippment of ferronickel departs 16
    6.1.4 Centaurus Metals provides drilling update at Jaguar Nickel Sulfide Project 17
    6.1.5 Garibaldi Resources provides drilling update at E&L Nickel Mountain Project 17
    6.1.6 Mincor Resources announces substantial mineral resource increase in Cassini nickel sulphide deposit 17
    6.1.7 Russia's nickel exports increase YOY in Jan-Sep 17
    6.1.8 Carnavale Resources expands nickel footprint near Kalgoorlie 17
    6.1.9 Panoramic Resources flags output woes at Savannah nickel mine 17
    6.1.Asian Metal Copyright4 Indonesia investment chief to meet firms about nickel ore exports next week 6 2.Asian Metal Copyright11 Indonesia Jinchuan Lateritic Nickel Ore Smelting Plant restarts No.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal Copyright3 and No.4 production lines 18
    6.1.12 Norilsk Nickel's nickel output up by 7% QoQ in Q3 18
    6.1.13 Neometals announces additional nickel mineral resources at Mt Edwards 18
    6.1.14 Russian Norilsk Nickel: global nickel market to see deficit of 28,000t in 2020 18
    6.1.15 WBMS: supply shortage of 66,900 tons in global nickel market during Jan-Sep 2019 18
    6.1.16 Indonesia Jinchuan WP Company finishes tasks for lateritic nickel ore export quota in advance 19
    6.1.18 St George Mining provides drilling update at Mt Alexander Ni-Cu Sulfide Project 19
    6.1.19 INSG: Supply shortage in global nickel market expands to 3,200t in Sep 19
    6.1.20 IGO provides update on off-market takeover bid for Panoramic Resources 19
    6.1.21 Mincor Resources gains momentum for nickel operation restart 19
    6.1.22 Panoramic Resources provides update on IGO offer 20
    6.1.23 Inomin Mines expands Beaver-Lynx Nickel Project 20
    6.1.24 Lundin Mining expects nickel output to rise over 25% YOY in 2020 20
    6.2 Domestic news 20
    6.2.1 Indonesia Jinchuan WP's first shippment of ferronickel departs 20
    6.2.2 Huayou expects to start production from Indonesia nickel, cobalt project in 2 years 20
    6.2.3 GEM eyes nickel, cobalt output from Indonesia by August 2020 20
    6.2.4 Jinchuan Group's flash furnaces go into successful operation 21
    6.2.5 Jinchuan confident of filling Indonesia nickel ore void 21
    6.2.6 Jinchuan Group and Panorama resources sign import agreement on nickel concentrate 21
    6.2.7 Jinchuan to add 25,000t nickel sulfate capacity in November 21
    6.2.8 Beihai Chengde and Philippine Carrascal Nickel Corporation sign nickel ore cooperation agreement 21
    6.2.9 China Moly joins Huayou in Indonesia nickel project 22
    6.2.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright10 Hanrui Cobalt to raise no more than 1.9 billion yuan to develop projects 22
    7. Relevant Industry News 22
    7.1 NCM precursor and power battery market 22
    7.2 Stainless steel market 22
    8. Market Outlook for Next Month 23

    .Asian Metal Copyright2 China's imports of ferronickel up by 85Asian Metal Copyright
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