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  • Monthly Ferrosilicon Market Report Jul 2019

    2019-08-12 14:49:22   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 2
    2. Economy and Policy 2
    2.1 MEE to launch 2nd round of central ecological environment protection inspection 2
    2.2 Trump says US will impose 10% tariffs on another $300 billion of Chinese goods starting Sept. 1 2
    3. Market Movements 2
    3.1 Chinese Market 2
    3.2 International Market 3
    4. Company News 4
    4.1 HBIS Group finalizes ferrosilicon purchase for July 4
    4.2 Nanjing Iron & Steel ferrosilicon prices for July fixed 4
    4.3 Brazilian CSP ferrosilicon tender price fixed 4
    4.4 Ningxia Dazheng resumes two ferrosilicon furnaces 5
    4.5 Erdos' ferrosilicon quotations soar 5
    4.6 Hyundai Steel ferrosilicon purchase price for Q3 fixed 5
    4.7 South Korean Hyundai Steel finalizes supplemental purchase of ferrosilicon 5
    4.8 Ningxia Sanyuan zhongtai resumes part of ferrosilicon furnaces 5
    4.9 YDD - a new ferrosilicon producer in Kazakhstan into formal operation 5
    5. Producers Statistics 5

    5.1 Chinese ferrosilicon producers' output up by 15.5% MOM in Jul 5
    5.2 Chinese ferrosilicon producers' inventory up by 150% YOY in Jul 6
    5.3 Chinese ferrosilicon producers' operating rates rises to 66.5% in Jul 6
    6 Traders Statistics

    6.1 Top 15 active Chinese ferrosilicon exporters selected by Asian Metal
    7. Consumers statistics

    7.1 China's crude steel output up by 10.0% YOY in Jun

    7.2 China's magnesium ingot output distribution in Jun 2019

    8. Customs statistics 6

    8.1 Chinese ferrosilicon export by country June 2019

    9. Relevant Industry News 8

    9.1 Prices of rebar and rebar fell in July
    9.2 Chinese domestic magnesium ingot price in July shows uptrend first and down later 8
    10. Market Outlook for Next Month 8
    10.1 Ferrosilicon 72%min 8
    10.2 Ferrosilicon 75%min 8

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