• Met. Coke A 13%max, S 0.7%max EXW Shanxi(50)  04-18|Met. Coke A 13%max, S 0.7%max EXW Hebei(50)  04-18|Met. Coke A 13%max, S 0.7%max EXW Shandong(50)  04-18|Mercury Metal 99.9%min Ex-VAT EXW China(30)  04-18|Mercury Metal 99.999%min Ex-VAT EXW China(30)  04-18|Coking Coal A 10.5%max, S 0.8%max EXW Shanxi(50)  04-18|Iron Ore Fine Australian 62%min CNF China(3)  04-18|Iron Ore Fine Australian 58%min In port China(20)  04-18|Samarium Metal 99.5%min FOB China(-0.3)  04-18|Samarium Metal 99.5%min EXW China(-2)  04-18|Iron Ore Fine Australian 62%min In port China(20)  04-18|Holmium Oxide 99.5%min EXW China(10)  04-18|Ferro-holmium 80% EXW China(10)  04-18|Iron Ore Lump Australian 62%min In port China(20)  04-18
  • Calcined Bauxite Market Report December 2014

    2015-01-14 18:59:55   【Print】
    The following is a brief synopsis of the report. Your access is restricted as it is a subscription based service.
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    Abstract 2
    1 Financial overview 2
    1.1 Domestic financial overview 2
    1.1.Asian Metal Copyright7% YOY in November 2 1.Asian Metal Copyright1 CPI up by 1.Asian Metal Copyright2 International financial overview 4 1.Asian Metal Copyright4% and PPI down by 2.7% YOY in November 2
    1.1.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright2 PMI down by 0.2% in December 3
    1.2 International financial overview 4
    1.2.1 Crude oil futures prices continued to slide 4
    1.2.2 The US dollar remained strong in December 5
    2 Chinese domestic market review 6
    3 International market review 8
    4 Export data analysis 9
    4.1 Chinese calcined bauxite exports up by 34.47% MOM in November 9
    5 Outlook for January 2015 11

    .Asian Metal Copyright2Asian Metal Copyright
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