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  • Calcined Bauxite Report October 2014

    2014-11-11 09:39:59   【Print】
    The following is a brief synopsis of the report. Your access is restricted as it is a subscription based service.
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    1 Financial overview 1
    1.1 Domestic financial overview 1
    1.1.Asian Metal Copyright2 PMI down by 0.Asian Metal Copyright1 CPI up by 1.Asian Metal Copyright2 International financial overview 3 1.Asian Metal Copyright6% and PPI down by 1.8% YOY in September 1
    1.1.Asian Metal Copyright3% in October 2 1.Asian Metal Copyright2 PMI down by 0.3% in October 2
    1.2 International financial overview 3
    1.2.1 Crude oil futures prices continue to fall back 3
    1.2.2 US dollar continues to strengthen in October 4
    2 Company news 5
    2.1 Shanxi Calcined bauxite plants come under intense environmental scrutiny 5
    2.2 Hengyuan Refractory is to resume calcined bauxite production in November 5
    3 Chinese domestic market review 5
    Chinese calcined bauxite market sluggish 5
    4 International market review 6
    Calcined bauxite export market is quiet with soft price 6
    5 Import & Export data analysis 7
    5.1 Chinese Calcined bauxite total export volumes up by 22.8% MOM in September 7
    5.2 Calcined bauxite exports multiplied rose to the U.Asian Metal Copyright2.Asian Metal CopyrightS., Belgium and France 8
    5.3 Top twenty Chinese Calcined bauxite exporters in September 9
    6 Outlook for November 10

    Graph 1 China’s CPI and PPI trend in 2014 2
    Graph 2 China’s PMI in 2014 3
    Graph 3 US crude oil futures price trend on major transaction market in October 4
    Graph 4 US dollar Index trend 5
    Graph 5 China’s calcined bauxite 86%min 1-3mm price trend (yuan/t) in October 6
    Graph 6 Chinese calcined bauxite 86%min 1-3mm China FOB price in October (USD/t) 7
    Graph 7 Chinese calcined bauxite exports 2014 8
    Graph 8 Chinese Calcined bauxite export volumes by major destination 9

    Table 1 Top twenty Chinese calcined bauxite exporters in September 9

    .Asian Metal Copyright6% and PPI down by 1Asian Metal Copyright
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