• Coal Tar Pitch Coking Value 53%min EXW China(130)  06-08|Lithium Carbonate 99%min Delivered China(8000)  06-08|Cobalt Sulfate 20.5%min Delivered China(1000)  06-08|Lithium Carbonate 99.5%min Delivered China(8000)  06-08|Silicon Metal 3-3-03 P 50ppm max Delivered China(400)  06-08|Thorium Tungsten Electrode ThO2 1.7-2.2% EXW China(10)  06-08|Silicon Metal 3-3-03 P 50ppm max Ex-VAT FOB China(50)  06-08|Amorphous Graphite 75%min 0-3mm EXW China(-50)  06-08|Silicon Metal 3-3-03 P 50ppm max FOB China(50)  06-08|Silicon Carbide Black 88%min 0-10mm FOB China(-20)  06-08|Amorphous Graphite 80%min 20-50mm EXW China(-50)  06-08|Silicon Carbide Black 88%min 0-10mm Delivered Europe(-20)  06-08|Amorphous Graphite 80%min 200mesh min EXW China(-50)  06-08|Spherical Graphite 99.95%min 17μm max EXW China(-300)  06-08
    Business Visits

    China Railway HK visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of 23th, April, 2021, Mr. Justin Jiang, the Marketing Manager of China Railway (HK) Trading Limited, visited Asian Metal and talked with Mr. Carson Wang, the Sales Director, and Ms Maggie Lee, the Senior Analyst of Asian Metal.
    First of all, Mr. Justin Jiang introduced the current trading situation and future plan briefly of the company and indicated that the company would focus on collecting local resources in South America and expanding sales. Then Mr. Carson Wang provided a detailed introduction on the information services of Asian Metal.
    Mr. Justin Jiang speaks highly of the professional consulting service of Asian Metal and hopes to find more opportunities via the platform.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Maggie Lee, Justin Jiang, Carson Wang
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