• Cerium Carbonate TREO 45%min, CeO2/REO 100% EXW China(-150)  06-09|Cerium Oxide 99.9%min EXW China(-150)  06-09|Tin Ingot 99.9%min EXW China(6000)  06-09|Tin Conc. Burmese 20%min In warehouse MengA(5000)  06-09|Tin Solder Wire Sn 99%min, Cu 0.7%max EXW China(6)  06-09|Tin Conc. Burmese 30%min In warehouse MengA(5000)  06-09|Iron Ore Fine Australian 62%min CNF China(3)  06-09|Manganese Flake 99.7%min In warehouse Rotterdam(-60)  06-09|Coal Tar Pitch Coking Value 53%min EXW China(130)  06-09|Tin Solder Wire Sn 99%min, Ag 0.3%min, Cu 0.7%max EXW China(6)  06-09|Selenium Powder 99.5%min In warehouse Rotterdam(-0.3)  06-09|Silicon Metal 3-3-03 P 50ppm max Delivered China(400)  06-09|Tin Solder Bar Sn 60%min, Pb 39%max EXW China(3.5)  06-09|Tin Conc. 60%min Delivered China(5000)  06-09
    Business Visits

    Weihai International Mining & Investment Co. visits Asian Metal

    On April 14th, Mr. Zheng Liu, Vice General Manager of Weihai International Mining & Investment Co., visited Asian Metal and had a pleasant communication with Mr. Carson Wang, the Sales Director of Asian Metal, and Ms. Window Wang, the Analyst of Manganese industry of Asian Metal.
    After Mr. Liu introduced their focus and development in ore business, Ms. Window Wang introduced the price change and the supply and demand of the manganese ore market in the past months, and shared the opinions of the current development status of manganese ore market, and the distribution of manganese ore in various countries. At last, Mr. Carson Wang, the Sales Director of Asian Metal, introduced the work and service content of Asian Metal in detail.
    Weihai International Mining & Investment Co. was established on August 2, 2010. Its business scope includes investment in mining and infrastructure, mining machinery and equipment, transportation, mining rights trading and related industries. Weihai Wanfang Mining Investment Co. spoke highly of Asian Metal's prices, market investigation and analysis, and looks forward to deeper cooperation with Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Window Wang, Zheng Liu, Carson Wang
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