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    Business Visits

    Asian Metal visits Leshan Dongcheng, Leshan Rich Fortune and CDGM

    On April 1, Mr. Carson Wang, the Sales Director and Mr. Eric Qiu, the Senior Analyst & Senior Product Manager of Rare Earth Industry Chain from Asian Metal visited Leshan Dongcheng New Materials Co., Sichuan Leshan Rich Fortune Metallurgical Co., and CDGM Glass Co., with pleasant meetings followed.
    On the morning of April 1, Mr. Carson Wang and Mr. Eric Qiu visited Leshan Dongcheng New Materials Co., and had a pleasant meeting with Mr. Xingcai Xiao, the General Manager of the company. After Mr. Eric Qiu analyzed the status quo of ammonium cerium nitrate consumption and cerium carbonate supply, Mr. Xingcai Xiao introduced that the company, with an annual production capacity of 3,000t of ammonium cerium nitrate and other rare earth salts, engages in R&D and production of different kinds of high purity and high quality rare earth salts to meet the demand from new energy, catalyst, optical glass, biological materials and magnet industries. As a member of Asian Metal, Mr. Xingcai Xiao is looking forward to further expanding its marketing channels with the help of Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Eric Qiu, Xingcai Xiao, Carson Wang
    Then, Mr. Carson Wang and Mr. Eric Qiu visited Leshan Rich Fortune Metallurgical Co., and had a warm communication with Mr. Enzhi Jian, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Hong Zhang, the Director of Sales Department, Mr. Xu Wang and Ms. Qing Duan, the Sales Managers of the company. Mr. Eric Qiu introduced recent PrNd oxide price trend and the consumption status of cerium oxide and lanthanum oxide in China. After Mr. Hong Zhang introduced their production situation, Mr. Enzhi Jian and Mr. Hong Zhang noted that they already signed long-term contracts by using Asian Metal’s prices and indicated that the company would actively attend Asian Metal’s 12th Rare Earth Summit to be held in Hangzhou during May 27-28, 2021.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Qing Duan, Carson Wang, Hong Zhang, Eric Qiu, Xu Wang
    On the afternoon of April 1, Mr. Carson Wang and Mr. Eric Qiu visited CDGM Glass Co., meeting with Mr. Gang Huang, the Director of Purchasing Department, Mr. Gang Feng, the Purchasing Manager and Mr. Dong Xu, the Purchasing Manager. After Mr. Gang Feng introduced the optical glass development situation of their company, Mr. Eric Qiu analyzed the price trend of high purity lanthanum oxide, high purity yttrium oxide and high purity gadolinium oxide. The two sides discussed the high purity rare earth oxide application in optical glass industry. CDGM Glass Co. already cooperated with Asian Metal for more than ten years and takes Asian Metal’s rare earth, tantalum, niobium, lithium and other minor metal prices as the guidance for their raw material purchases.
    Asian Metal
    From Left: Feng Gang, Eric Qiu
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