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    Business Visits

    Nexttech Materials Co. visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of April 1, 2021, Mr. Chen Chen and Mr. Gui'an Wang, the Sales Director and the sales manager of Nexttech Materials Co., visited Asian Metal and had a in-depth exchange with Ms. Maggie Li, the senior analyst for titanium industry on the current and future market of titanium dioxide market.
    Firstly, Mr. Chen introduced their business briefly and disclosed that the company mainly produces anatase titanium dioxide 98%min and occupies about 35-40% market share in the denitration titanium dioxide market. Secondly, the two sides discussed the situation that the speed increase of current raw materials and titanium dioxide does not match accordingly, and exchanged views on the future market trend.
    Founded in 2006, Nexttech Materials Co., has an annual production capacity of 30,000t of anatase titanium dioxide. As a long-term member of Asian Metal, the company hopes to further strengthen exchanges and communication with Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Chen Chen, Maggie Li, Gui'an Wang
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