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    Business Visits

    Asian Metal visits Mitsubishi, Alcoa and Trafigura

    On March 17, Mr. Friday Gao, the Chief Consultant of Asian Metal, visited Mitsubishi Corporation (China) Co., Alcoa (Beijing) Trading Co., Shanghai Branch and Trafigura Investment (China) Co. and were warmly received by the companies above.
    In the morning, Mr. Gao visited Mitsubishi Corporation (China) Co. and had a meeting with Mr. Yudu Wang and Mr. Taka Otomo, the Business Managers of the company. After analyzing imported bauxite inventories in China and the dull demand in March, Mr. Gao introduced new alumina projects to come on stream in H2 of this year and the strong demand in the second half. Mr. Wang and Mr. Taka Otomo are both confident in the market in the second half of this year for the increased freight and new alumina projects.
    As a member of Asian Metal, Mr. Wang refers to bauxite market information from Asian Metal, and they are pleased to attend the 11thWorld Aluminum Raw Materials Summit to be held by Asian Metal on May 20-21, in Hangzhou, China.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Yudu Wang, Taka Otomo, Friday Gao
    In the afternoon, Mr. Gao first visited Alcoa (Beijing) Trading Co., Shanghai Branch and had a pleasant communication with Mr. Gary Su, the Commercial Manger, as well as Ms. Vivian Kong and Mr. Will Yang, the Market Analysts of the company.
    Both parties talked about the imported bauxite market and Chinese alumina market. Mr. Su noted that Alcoa, as a steady and big Guinean bauxite producer, began delivering Guinean bauxite through big shipments from late last year and could ensure stable supply of high-grade bauxite Al2O3 49%min SiO2 2%max. Considering the increased freight, he believes that bauxite prices would move up. Mr. Gao agreed on the opinion that imported bauxite prices would move up in the coming weeks because of the recovering demand, increased freight and less supply from Indonesia.
    Mr. Su would attend the 11th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit to be held by Asian Metal on May 20-21 in Hangzhou of China to promote their bauxite.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Gary Su, Friday Gao, Vivian Kong, Will Yang
    Then Mr. Gao visited Trafigura Investment (China) Co. and met with Mr. Kun Liang, the General Manager and Mr. Oilie Luo, the Manager of the company.
    Mr. Liang and Mr. Luo expressed their opinions on the Chinese alumina and aluminum markets, and both of them remain confident in the aluminum market in 2021. Mr. Gao introduced new Chinese alumina projects to start operation in 2021 and analyzed the rising demand for imported bauxite.
    As a member of Asian Metal for many years, Trafigura has been referring to market information published by Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Friday Gao, Kun Liang, Oilie Luo
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