• Coal Tar Pitch Coking Value 53%min EXW China(-150)  07-17|Terbium Metal 99.9%min EXW China(-180)  07-17|Terbium Oxide 99.99%min FOB China(-20)  07-17|Dysprosium Metal 99.5%min FOB China(-8)  07-17|Ferro-dysprosium 80% EXW China(-40)  07-17|Dysprosium Oxide 99.5%min EXW China(-40)  07-17|Manganese Ore S.A. 36%min In Tianjin Port(-1)  07-17|Manganese Ore S.A. 37%min In Tianjin Port(-1)  07-17|Terbium Metal 99.9%min FOB China(-20)  07-17|Manganese Ore S.A. 36%min In Qinzhou Port(-1)  07-17|Manganese Ore S.A. 37%min In Qinzhou Port(-1)  07-17|Silico-chrome Si 42%min, Cr 30%min EXW China(-200)  07-17|Dysprosium Metal 99.5%min EXW China(-50)  07-17|Lead Conc. TC 50%min CIF China(-0.4)  07-17
    Business Visits

    CICC visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of 5 November 2020, Mr. Yan Chen and Mr. Peijin Lv, the Managing Director and the Research Analyst from China International Capital Corporation (CICC) visited Asian Metal and had a deep communication with Mr. Carson Wang, the Sales Director, Ms. Vivian Pang, the Consultant, Ms. Lynn Lee, the Analyst and Ms. Monica Cao, the Analyst of Asian Metal regarding NdFeB magnet, nickel and lithium markets.
    After Carson Wang introduced Asian Metal's service fields and pricing mechanism, Vivian Pang introduced the supply and demand of global NdFeB magnet industry and analyzed the current NdFeB magnet application markets. Then Lynn Li explained the outputs and stocks of producers in new energy and nickel-iron stainless steel industries. At last, Monica Cao dissected the reason of increasing Chinese lithium carbonate prices over the past two months and the gap between Chinese domestic and export prices of lithium hydroxide 56.5%min, as well as the operation rates of Chinese lithium salt producers.
    Mr. Chen spoke highly of Asian Metal's objective and authoritative information. CICC has been a member of Asian Metal for more than 10 years and the company always takes Asian Metal's information for reference to conduct industry analysis.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Vivian Pang, Monica Cao, Carson Wang, Yan Chen, Peijin Lv and Lynn Li
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