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    Business Visits

    Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of 16 September 2020, Mr. Yongjian Zhang, General Manager and Mr. Haiyun Yan, Marketing Director together with Mr. Jingwei Zhi, Account Manager and Mr. Hongmou Chen, Account Manager of rare earth metal department of Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth Co., Ltd. visited Asian Metal and had a deep communication with Hao Zhao, Sales Director, Vivian Pang, Consulant & Senior Product Manager and Eric Qiu, Senior Analyst& Senior Product Manager of Asian Metal.
    Hao Zhao introduced Asian Metal's price methodology and expressed that Asian Metal always provides the most objective and impartial information to clients. Vivian Pang analyzed rare earth and NdFeB magnet price and demand trends as well as the supply and demand of scandium related products. Eric Qiu introduced the supply and application trends of yttrium and scandium metal in detail.
    Mr. Yongjian Zhang introduced that Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth Co., Ltd. established rare earth metal department in 2015. Now the company produces all kinds of rare earth metals, including PrNd mischmetal, ferrodysprosium 80%, terbium metal, ferrogadolinium 73%min and scandium metal etc. As a subsidiary corporation of Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd and a leading company in Fujian, China, Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth Co., Ltd. specializes in rare earth separation, smelting, deep processing and R&D of rare earth functional materials and owns annual production capacity of 5,000t of rare earth oxide, 6,000t of rare earth metal, 6,000t of NdFeB magnet and 1,600t of phosphor powder at present.
    Mr. Zhang Yongjian and Mr. Yan Haiyun spoke highly of Asian Metal's authoritative and objective information and said they take Asian Metal's rare earth prices for reference when they sign contracts with clients. They hope the both sides could enhance communication and cooperation.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Hongmou Chen, Vivian Pang, Hao Zhao, Yongjian Zhang, Haiyun Yan, Jingwei Zhi and Eric Qiu
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