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    Business Visits

    Kaiyang Sanhuan visits Asian Metal

    On September 10, Mr. Leo Liu, the sales director of Guizhou Kaiyang Sanhuan Abrasives Co., Ltd, visited Asian Metal and had a deep communication with Mr. Hao Zhao, the sales director of Asian Metal, and Ms. Ruby Luo, the analyst of refractory and abrasive market of Asian Metal.
    After Mr. Liu introduced their focus and business development in the fields of bauxite and fused alumina, Ms. Luo deeply analyzed changes of price, supply and demand of global refractory and abrasive industry under COVID-19, as well as the market outlook of bauxite and fused alumina.
    Founded in 2011, Kaiyang Sanhuan mainly engages in the industrial chain of comprehensive utilization and profound processing of bauxite industry, with an annual production capacity of over 200,000t of fused alumina and other new composite abrasive and refractory materials. Kaiyang Sanhuan, as a long-term membership of Asian Metal, speaks highly of Asian Metal's price information, market investigation and analysis on bauxite, fused alumina and other refractory and abrasive products.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Ruby Luo, Hao Zhao, Leo Liu, Pengfei Ai
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