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    Business Visits

    CICC visit Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of 29 July, Mr. Albert Zhan, Vice President and Mr. Peijin Lv, Analyst from the Research Department of China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC), together with Mr. Yangjing Jiang, Vice President of CEPHEI Investments, visited Asian Metal and had a meeting with Mr. Friday Gao, Aluminum Chief Analyst, Mr. Eric Qiu, Rare Earth Senior Analyst and Ms. Monica Cao, Co & Li Analyst of Asian Metal.
    Mr. Gao analyzed Chinese imported and local bauxite market in details, including consumption share, cost difference and overseas supply, etc.
    Ms. Cao introduced the lithium production enterprise distribution in China and operation conditions by regions, analyzed the price changes of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide from June, and shared the corresponding market outlook of the products.
    Mr. Qiu introduced the sintered NdFeB magnet outputs over the past three years and sales and operation rate status in H1 of 2020 in both Chinese and Japanese markets, and analyzed the price changes and corresponding reasons of PrNd, dysprosium, terbium and other rare earth raw materials in Chinese market since Q2, 2020. Then both parties discussed the industrial structure adjustment of domestic NdFeB magnet market, impacts of COVID-19 on NdFeB magnet export market and the change of NdFeB magnet downstream demand, etc.
    As a long-term subscriber of Asian Metal membership, CICC has been referring to metal prices, output, inventories and other metal industry data released by Asian Metal for years.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Friday Gao, Monica Cao, Albert Zhan, Peijin Lv, Yangjing Jiang and Eric Qiu
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