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    Business Visits

    Japanese U.I Industry visits Asian Metal

    On the morning of 15th Jan, Akio Yamashita, the president of U.I Industry in Japan visited Asian Metal. He communicated with Jerry Huang, ferrosilicon market analyst, and Alex Yuan, manganese flake market analyst regarding ferrosilicon and manganese flake markets respectively.
    Mr. Yamashita pays attention to the new Chinese ferrosilicon export policy in 2020. Jerry shared the potential opportunities and challenges under the 20% export tariff and the cancelled export license requirement in 2020. Mr. Yamashita indicated that his purchase volume of ferrosilicon 75%min decreased slightly from Q4 2019, and currently he purchases 200tpm from China. He expects to know more Chinese ferrosilicon suppliers.
    Alex shared with Akio Yamashita regarding the overall price trend of Chinese manganese flake in Q4 2019 and his predications of the price tendency in Q1 2020. Mr. Yamashita stated that he purchases about 500tpm of manganese flake from China, and he interested in the information of the production cost and operation rate fluctuation of producers in different regions in China.
    The visitor described that he always takes Asian Metal's ferrosilicon and manganese flake price index as reference before he places orders, and gives high credits to Asian Metal's impartial and timely prices information.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Alex Yuan, Akio Yamashita, Jerry Huang
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