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    Business Visits

    Asian Metal visits Tomoe Engineering, Samwood, and Queens Metal in Japan

    On 18 October 2018, Vivian Pang, Asian Metal's consultant and Senior Product Manager on rare earth market visited Tomoe Engineering Co., Ltd., Samwood Co., Ltd., and Queens Metal Corporation in Japan, and was warmly received by the companies. During the visits, Vivian exchanged views on rare earth and NdFeB magnet market in China and Japan with above companies.
    In the morning, Vivian visited Tomoe Engineering Co., Ltd., and discussed the demand prospect on the rare earth market with Toshihiro Nishi, Manager of the second Section of advanced Materials Department, Osamu Koiwai, sales of the Second Section of advanced Materials Department, Naoki Iida, the first section of industrial materials department, and Mugiho Niwa, assistant manager of Tomoe Engineering Thailand. Mr. Iida said that the company takes Asian Metal's information for reference when consulting with partners.
    Asian Metal
    from left: Mugiho Niwa from Tomoe Engineering Thailand and Vivian Pang from Asian Metal
    Subsequently, Vivian visited Samwood Co., Ltd. and was warmly received by Yutaka Kawasaki, the company's deputy director. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on the demand and price trends of the rare earth market in China and Japan. Mr. Kawasaki said that the rare earth market sees oversupply, and the competition among suppliers is fierce. Mr. Kawasaki also spoke highly of Asian Metal's objective and timely price information, saying that Japanese consumers refer to Asian Metal's price information when signing procurement contracts. Mr. Kawasaki expressed his interest in the 11th International Rare Earth Summit to be hold by the Asian Metal in May 2019 and intends to take part in.
    In the afternoon, Vivian visited Queens Metal Corporation and was warmly received by Qin Pengshou, the president of the company. The two sides exchanged views on the current demand and trend of rare earth products. Mr. Qin highly recognized the objective and timely price information of Asian Metal and was interested in Asian Metal's 11th International Rare Earth Summit in May 2019.
    Asian Metal
    from left: Inaka Takumi from Queens Metal Corporation, Vivian Pang from Asian Metal, and Qin Pengshou from Queens Metal Corporation
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