• Selenium Powder 99.9%min CIF China(0.27)  06-19|Coal Tar Pitch Coking Value 53%min EXW China(-130)  06-19|Mercury Metal 99.9%min Ex-VAT EXW China(-40)  06-19|Selenium Powder 99.5%min In warehouse Rotterdam(0.27)  06-19|Selenium Powder 99.9%min Delivered US(0.27)  06-19|Mercury Metal 99.999%min Ex-VAT EXW China(-40)  06-19|Selenium Powder 99.95%min Delivered China(6)  06-19|Chrome Lump S.A. 38%min In port China(1.5)  06-19|Lead Conc. 60%min EXW China(450)  06-19|Selenium Powder 99.9%min Delivered China(5)  06-19|Tellurium Metal 99.9%min In warehouse Rotterdam(2)  06-19|Tellurium Metal 99.99%min EXW China(15)  06-19|Lead Ingot Secondary 98%min EXW China(450)  06-19|Lead Ingot Secondary 99.994%min EXW China(450)  06-19
    Business Visits

    H.C.Starck visits Asian Metal

    On 23th July, 2018, Jessie Gao, Marketing Manager of H.C.Stark Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Susanne Rau, Business Development Manager from H.C.Starck Tungsten GmbH visited Asian Metal and conducted discussions with the Marketing Director Zhao Hao, the Senior Analyst Maggie Lee and Analyst Assistant Thea Tian from Asian Metal about the tungsten market.
    Firstly, Zhao Hao introduced the background of Asian Metal. Asian Metal is recognized for its unique, accurate, and up-to-date information as a premium service in over 200 countries to more than 200,000 metals industry specialists. Secondly, the two sides shared ideas about the tungsten market and the Sino-US trade war. H.C.Starck spoke highly of the professional services provided by Asian Metal and hoped to enhance communication.
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