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    Business Visits

    Asian Metal visits ArcelorMittal (China)

    On March 26th, Silence Chen and Iris He, Analysts from Refractory Department of Asian Metal, Victor Hu, the Analyst from Furnace Burden Department of Asian Metal, as well as Sophia Xu and Shawn Zhao, Analysts from Iron & Steel Department of Asian Metal, attended the annual meeting held by ArcelorMittal (China) Co., Ltd. and spent 60 minutes on reporting before the meeting. Jiang Hui and Fu Jian, Purchasing Manager and Purchasing General Manager of ArcelorMittal (China) respectively, together with Yves Koeberlé, the Vice- President, Vinit Mohan, the Chief Purchasing Officer, and Sanjay Pandya, the President of ArcelorMittal Group, listened to the report made by Asian Metal.
    At the beginning of the report, Iris He introduced detailed reasons for price changes of brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, bauxite and magnesia in the Chinese market in 2017 and predicated the outlook of Chinese refractory material market in 2018. Ms He also explained doubts related to changed prices of Chinese refractory raw materials last year mentioned by refractory raw material purchasing principals from ArcelorMittal Group based on data of Asian Metal one by one. Afterward, Victor Hu analyzed the trend in the market of iron and steel raw materials in 2017 based on the output and import & export data, and made projections on the market outlook in 2018, focusing on the market trend of iron ore and coke as well as the potential demand in the steel scrap market. During the report, ArcelorMittal highly appreciated Asian Metal, expressing that the timely market and price information as well as analysis data from Asian Metal are helpful for them to make related decisions and hoping to establish further cooperation in the future.
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