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    Business Visits

    Asian Metal visits High Technology, Ningfeng Magnesium, Jiachen, Huanke Refractory, Yingkou Pohang and Magnesia Materials Exchange Center

    On March 15th, 2018, Wei Shuyong, the assistant to general manager of Asian Metal, and Silence Chen, Asian Metal's analyst of refractory materials, visited Yingkou High Technology Synthetic Refractory Co., Ltd., Yingkou Ningfeng Magnesium Co., Ltd., Jiachen Group, Dashiqiao Huanke Refractory Material Co., Ltd. , Yingkou Pohang Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd., and Northeast Asia Magnesia Materials Exchange Center.
    On the morning from 8:30 to 10:00, Asian Metal visited Yingkou High Technology Synthetic Refractory Co., Ltd. ("High Technology") and exchanged views in depth with Xu Changsong, the general manager of the company, and Liu Guangzhi, the general manager of Yingkou Ningfeng Magnesium Co., Ltd. ("Ningfeng Magnesium "), who introduced their companies' production status briefly. According to Mr. Xu, High Technology, as the largest producer for fused magnesite chrome sinter in the world, occupies more than half of the global customers with its production technology and product quality taking the leading position in the world. What's more, High Technology has rich products including fused magnesite chrome sinter, fused magnesia and fused alumina. Mr. Liu stated that they produce ferronickel except for macrocrystalline fused magnesia. At present, the market sees relatively low grade of macrocrystalline fused magnesia and the focus is to improve the quality.
    Asian Metal
    From the left: Silence Chen, Xu Changsong, Wei Shuyong
    Then, Silence and Mr. Wei visited Zhao Lin, the vice-general manager of Jiachen Group, during 10:30-11:40. Mr. Zhao thought highly of Asian Metal's data analysis and market prediction. In addition, Jiachen Group is gradually enriching its products and improving its competitiveness. Asian Metal gave a brief introduction to Chinese magnesia market's impact toward the international market, thinking that international customers' purchasing methods are gradually changing due to changes in Chinese market.
    On the afternoon from 13:00 to 14:50, Asian Metal paid a visit to Zheng Ronglong, the general manager of Dashiqiao Huanke Refractory Material Co., Ltd. ("Huanke Refractory") and analyzed the magnesia market in terms of domestic downstream producers, overseas purchasers' attitude and changes in the terms of payment after prices changed in 2017. According to Mr. Zheng, price changes are temporary and the market will become normal eventually; besides, he said that their vital task is to advance toward the international market gradually. Asian Metal shared the international customers' purchasing sentiment now and introduced Asian Metal's international influence in detail. Mr. Zheng spoke highly of Asian Metal's impact and hoped for further cooperation in the future.
    Asian Metal
    From the left: Wei Shuyong, Zheng Ronglong, Silence Chen
    Later on, Asian Metal visited Yingkou Pohang Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. ("Yingkou Pohang") and communicated with Yan Shengxuan, the director of Yingkou Pohang. Yingkou Pohang is a member of Asian Metal and highly praised Asian Metal's data and market prediction; in the meantime, they also pay high attention to the forthcoming The Sixth International Refractory Summit. What's more, Asian Metal showed its influence in South Korea and relevant Korean companies' approval of the Asian Metal's quotations, information and data. Mr. Yan hoped to carry out deep cooperation with Asian Metal on the basis of the current cooperation.
    Asian Metal
    From the left: Wei Shuyong, Yan Shengxuan, Silence Chen
    Then, Asian Metal visited Northeast Asia Magnesia Materials Exchange Center ("Magnesia Materials Exchange Center ") and exchanged ideas about the following development of magnesia market with Sun Weiwei, the vice-general manager, and Zhao Haixin, the general manager of Magnesia Materials Exchange Center. Magnesia Materials Exchange Center highly recognized Asian Metal's international impact and planned to sponsor the forthcoming The Sixth International Refractory Summit during April 19-20, hoping to improve their influence through this summit.
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