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    Business Visits

    Asian Metal visits Hartley, Haicheng Magnesite and Wancheng Magnesium

    On March 14th, Wei Shuyong, the General Manager Assistant of Asian Metal, and Silence Chen, the Analyst of Asian Metal, visited Hartley (Haicheng) Magnesite Company Limited, Haicheng Magnesite Refractory General Factory and Liaoning Wancheng Magnesium Group.
    At 8:50-9:50 a.m., Zhao Zhenli, the Vice-General Manager of Hartley, warmly welcomed Wei Shuyong and Silence Chen with a deep-conversation made between the two sides. At last, Li Xingliang, the General Manager of Hartley, made a brief communication with Asian Metal on data analysis, high-end conference, related policies and other issues related to magnesia industry. Specifically speaking, Mr. Zhao introduced the unique joint-venture background, production and management status quo and development prospect of their company and paid high attention to the fluctuated market in recent two years;Silence Chen shared with Mr. Zhao the recent analysis data and market movements of magnesia industry, especially the data, analysis and report business as well as the information of the latest forum of Asian Metal; Asian Metal expressed their impartial stand on commerce, core value of credit, unique operation model and core competitiveness, showing the three-dimensional space of magnesia industry and emphasizing that accelerating the internationalization is the core development orientation for magnesia companies. Besides, Asian Metal highly appreciated the influence of genetic culture project invested jointly by Hartley and other companies on management and future development; while Mr. Li and Mr. Zhao also thought highly of Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Wei Shuyong, Zhao Zhenli, Li Xingliang, Silence Chen
    At 10:10-11:50 a.m., Cai Xin, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Senior Accountant from Haicheng Magnesite, and Liu Yuanchang, the Sales General Manager of the company, gave a reception to Wei Shuyong and Silence Chen and a deep communication was conducted during the reception. Afterwards, the two sides enjoyed lunch together in a comfortable and friend atmosphere under the invitation of Mr. Liu.
    Asian Metal introduced the related market condition as well as their stand, idea, mode, core competiveness, development prospect and other basic information while Mr. Liu stated the state-owned mechanism, business mode and other related information of Haicheng Magnesite.
    Asian Metal showed the strong interest and reorganization in Haicheng Magnesite, a Liaoning-based state-owned company which has a long history and has brought great influences on the domestic and overseas market in terms of management mechanism, production capacity, product supply, talent cultivation and others, sincerely inviting Mr. Cai to give a speech in the 6th International Refractories & Abrasive Summit to market participants worldwide under the background of internationalization of magnesia industry. Meanwhile, Asian Metal hoped that Haicheng Magnesite could make more contribution to enhance the brand image of Chinese magnesia in the international market so as to stimulate the internationalization, which will in turn boost the development of Haicheng Magnesite in the future.
    At 1:00-2:30 p.m., Asian Metal reached Xiuyan County and made an in-depth talk with Han Dong, the General Manager of Domestic Trading of Wancheng Magnesium. Mr. Han noted that they have been seizing the opportunity of rapid development and occupied a favorable position within the industry by relatively complete product chain and high-quality products since last year, adding that they are actively speeding up the internationalization.
    Asian Metal not only shared related data and analysis report with Mr. Han, but also noted the importance for companies to accelerate the internationalization. According to Mr. Han, there have been more opportunities than challenges in term of prices in spite of fluctuated prices since last year, but they must seize opportunities to make a strategic layout worldwide and establish sound market cooperation modes as opportunities in prices would disappear rapidly.
    In addition, Asian Metal believed that they are able to supply true and accurate data and analysis report as well as high-end conference platforms covering customers from all over the world for companies to make strategic layouts. Mr. Han highly commented Asian Metal and promised that he would report the information related to Asian Metal to his group company.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Wei Shuyong, Guo Zian, Han Dong, and Silence Chen
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