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    Business Visits

    SKRK Enterprises visits Asian Metal

    On March 5th, Mr. Rohit Budhia from Purchasing Dept. of SKRK Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Rupesh Jha, Country Head-China of JINDAL Steel and Power Limited visited Asian Metal. They talked about the current situation and possibility of cooperation with steel mills and exporting companies in China with market analyst Mr Zhang Peilong, Ms Zhao Le, Ms Xu Wenshuang. Mr. Zhao Hao, sales director of Asian Metal also attended the meeting.
    Firstly, Zhang Peilong, Zhao Le and Xu Wenshuang introduced the current steel export market situation and presented some good suppliers in China. In addition, they expressed pertinent advices for their purchase.
    Secondly, Mr. Rohit Budhia and Mr. Rupesh Jha introduced Indian government's policy on importing steels from China and details of steel products they want to buy from China.
    Finally, they highly appreciated the objective and professional information provided by Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Xu Wenshuang, Zhao Hao, Rohit Budhia, Rupesh Jha,Zhang Peilong, Zhao Le
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