• Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate LiOH 56.5%min, Magnets 0.0001%max Delivered China(-3000)  06-21|Selenium Dioxide 98%min Delivered China(4)  06-21|Selenium Powder 99.9%min Delivered China(6)  06-21|Lithium Carbonate 99.5%min CIF China(-0.4)  06-21|Selenium Powder 99.95%min Delivered China(6)  06-21|Bismuth Oxide 99.9%min EXW China(2500)  06-21|Bismuth Ingot 99.99%min EXW China(2500)  06-21|Silicon Metal 98.5%min Delivered US(0.05)  06-21|Selenium Powder 99.9%min CIF China(0.25)  06-21|Cobalt Metal 99.8%min Delivered China(-5)  06-21|Selenium Powder 99.5%min In warehouse Rotterdam(0.25)  06-21|Selenium Powder 99.9%min Delivered US(0.25)  06-21|Bismuth Ingot 99.99%min FOB China(0.15)  06-21|Tellurium Metal 99.9%min In warehouse Rotterdam(2)  06-21
    Business Visits

    Zhongtai Securities, Sun Life Everbright, BOCOM Schroders, Bank of Beijing Scotiabank, HuaAn Funds, Huashang Fund, Huaxia Future Capital, Cinda Securities, Springs Capital, Beijing Derivative Sailing Investment and Union Asset visit Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of February 1, Xie Honghe, chief analyst of China nonferrous metal industry in Zhongtai Securities Company Limited, headed a 12-member delegation to visit Asian Metal. Members of the delegation are: non-ferrous metal industry analyst Liu Hongji, Sun Life Everbright researcher Hu Hao, BOCOM Schroders researcher Niu Mingjun, Bank of Beijing Scotiabank researcher Huang Xiaolei, HuaAn Funds researcher Liu Chang, Huashang Fund researcher Wang Daobin, Huaxia Future Capital researcher Zhang Liqi , Cinda Securities researcher Li Zhiqiang, Springs Capital investment manager Lu Changhong, Beijing Derivative Sailing Investment researcher Yang Xiaopeng and Union Asset investment manager assistant Wu Ying.
    Asian Metal
    Asian Metal senior analyst Vivian Pang, senior analyst Friday Gao, associate analyst Xianghua Wang, analyst Carol Lin, associate analyst Devin Guan and associate analyst Guangzhi Yao introduced the delegation on the supply-demand pattern and price trend of rare earth, aluminum, cobalt lithium, copper and tin market respectively.
    Asian Metal
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