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    Business Visits

    Gejiu Jiyuan Metallurgy visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of January 8th, Zhang Qinggang, the general manager from Gejiu Jiyuan Metallurgy Co., Ltd., as well as Qin Jie, Li Lin and Wang Dan, the employees from the company, visited Asian Metal. The two parties exchanged views on the supply of both tin concentrate in major Chinese production regions and Burmese-origin tin ore in 2018. Meanwhile, Yao Guangzhi from Asian Metal introduced and analyzed the recent condition of tin smelting and the downstream consumption in China. In addition, Mr. Zhang showed a strong interest in the World Tin Mining Forum 2018 to be held by Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Wang Dan, Li Lin, Qin Jie and Zhang Qinggang from Gejiu Jiyuan Metallurgy and Yao Guangzhi from Asian Metal
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