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    Business Visits

    Asian Metal visits Dengfeng Ant Abrasive and Dengfeng Wudu Abrasive

    On the morning of November 10th, 2017, Zhao Hao, the Assistant President of Asian Metal, and Iris He, the Market Analyst, visited Dengfeng Ant Abrasive Co., Ltd. and received warm reception from Zhao Zhenjiang, the General Manager of the company, who showed them around the factory. Manager Zhao noted that the company has 2 self-supplied smelting furnaces, of which the smelting capacity is 20,000tpy; they can produce a series of products including brown fused alumina abrasive materials, P sands and micro powder with the comprehensive capacity of 60,000tpy. Besides, Manager Zhao introduced that in order to improve production line and environment, they are building new plants now, which are expected to be put into use in late this year. During the visit, Manager Zhao and Asian Metal had a deep discussion about the current market condition and the development anticipation of brown fused alumina abrasive materials. “At present, the main reason that affects brown fused alumina market is the unstable production limited by the raw material bauxite and environmental inspections. Producers are forced to transfer to normalization and scale development as well as the development of middle and high-end products under the great pressure of environmental protection policy,” claimed Manager Zhao.
    In addition, Manager Zhao thought highly of industry information services provided by Asian Metal and also hoped that Asian Metal could offer them more comprehensive and accurate information to grasp the development direction of the market.
    Asian Metal
    From left to right: Zhao Hao from Asian Metal; Zhao Zhenjiang, General Manager of Ant Abrasive; Iris He, an Analyst of Asian Metal
    In the afternoon, Asian Metal visited Dengfeng Wudu Abrasive Co., Ltd. and received warm reception from Yu Yuanjiao, the General Manager of the company. Manager Yu stated that the brown fused alumina market is extremely unstable at present with increasing prices pushed by tight supply of the raw material, higher costs and frequent production suspension of smelters in order to avoid producing in the peak-hour in the heating season; besides, the hidden danger of safety production is also an uncontrollable factor. Moreover, Manager Yu claimed that many of their overseas clients pay close attention to quotations and market news of Asian Metal, the market information of which is an important reference for their price negotiation.
    Asian Metal
    From left to right: Zhao Hao from Asian Metal; Yu Yuanjiao, General Manager of Wudu Abrasive; Iris He, an Analyst of Asian Metal
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