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    Business Visits

    Sinolink Securities visits Asian Metal

    Li Shuaihua, the senior analyst of nonferrous coal industry of Sinolink Securities’ bulk material research department visited Asian Metal on the morning of July 26th, and conducted communication on the development of the primary aluminun market and upstream raw material markets with Cherry Chen, the primary aluminum market analyst of Asian Metal, Helen Li, the carbon market analyst of AM, and Leng Jun, the alumina market analyst of AM.
    Firstly, Mrs. Cherry introduced to Sinolink Securities the influence of the current supply-side reform on the primary aluminum industry, the purchase situation of capacity replacement indexes of smelters and the influence of “26 +2 (26 cities and 2 municipalities)” environmental protection policies on primary aluminum production in Q4. Subsequently, Miss Helen explained the reasons for continuous rises in carbon prices during past half one year, the impact on carbon production to be exerted by “26+2” environmental protection policies in H2 of 2017, and the newly added capacity situation in the carbon market in H2 of 2017 and next year. Finally, Mr. Leng communicated with Mr. Li on the production cost of alumina, operation conditions of alumina this year and the influence of primary aluminum production limitation on the alumina industry.
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