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    Business Visits

    Qixing Hi-tech Aluminum and Kaiyue Trade visit Asian Metal

    On December 15, Shandong Wudi Qixing Hi-tech Aluminum Co., Ltd and Zouping Kaiyue Trade Co., Ltd. visited Asian Metal. Mr. Guo Wei, deputy marketing general manager and Mr. Wu Qingchao, purchase manager of Qixing Hi-tech, and Mr. Zheng Shaoquan, general manager of Kaiyue Trade, had a meeting with Mr. Friday Gao, senior analyst, and Ms. Bell Feng, analyst of Asian Metal. They talked about the current alumina and bauxite markets.
    Based on alumina capacity of 1 million tonnes per year, Qixing Hi-tech is running at the production of 500,000tpy and plans to launch the other production line if the market goes well next year. Mr. Guo is confident with the alumina market, considering the tight alumina supply and high cost. Currently, the refinery mainly consumes Malaysian bauxite and has interest in bauxite from Brazil, Guinea and Sierra Leone, etc. Mr. Wu believed that Guinean bauxite supply will increase sharply in 2018, which will affect bauxite from other countries.
    Mr. Zheng from Kaiyue Trade noted that they focused on Malaysian bauxite trade over the past two years and will consider bauxite from other countries like Brazil to meet Chinese demand.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Wu Qingchao, Friday Gao, Guo Wei, Zheng Shaoquan and Bell Feng
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