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    Business Visits

    Shanghai Zhanwei visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of October 27th, Mr. Qizhong Pan, the general manager of Shanghai Zhanwei International Trading Co., Ltd. visited Asian Metal. Ann Zhang, who are in charge of zirconium market, greeted him warmly and had a nice and deep conversation on the zirconium market.
    Ann Zhang, who is in charge of zirconium market, talked with Mr.Qizhong Pan about current market situation and prospects for zircon sands and zirconium concentrates. At last, Mr. Qizhong Pan shows interest in becoming membership of Asian Metal.
    Shanghai Zhanwei International Trading Co., Ltd., specializes on import and export business on zirconium products with nearly 20 years’ experience.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Qizhong Pan, Ann Zhang
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