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    Business Visits

    H.C. Starck visits Asian Metal

    On August, 25, 2016, David Liu, sales manager of H.C.Stark Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. And Lars Gniffke from International Business of H.C.Stark visited Asian Metal and had an interview with Maggie Lee, tungsten market analyst of Asian Metal.
    At first, the two sides exchanged ideas about the European anti-dumping duty for tungsten carbide powder. Lars claimed that although Europe carried on the antidumping duties on Chinese tungsten carbide powder in the past few years, there were still big advantages in Chinese tungsten carbide powder prices compared with European materials. It will be a big challenge for European insiders if Europe cancels this duty in the near future. Secondly, the two sides talked about the market and development for Chinese and global tungsten carbide powder. They agreed with the idea that the key factors are quality and differentiation for future tungsten carbide industry development. Stark believed that China will play an important part in global tungsten market as a big producer and consumer of tungsten materials.
    In addition, Stark thought highly of the information Asian Metal provided. They can know the current market news in both China and international market at first time and seize the potential opportunity.
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