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    Business Visits

    Alcoa visits Asian Metal

    On August 10, Alcoa visited Asian Metal. Mr. Gregory R. Wittbecker, Mr. David Chen, Mr. Qinghua Li and Ms. Tiantian Zheng from Alcoa discussed about the magnesium ingot market, silicon market and manganese market with Daphne Zhang, senior analyst of magnesium metal, Edward Zhai, analyst of silicon metal and Elaine Zhao, analyst of manganese from Asian Metal respectively.
    As a large magnesium ingot consumer, Mr. David and Gregory R. Wittbecker from Alcoa talked about the reasons of the price fluctuation in the previous months and checked the market trend in the coming months with Daphne Zhang, senior analyst of magnesium metal in Asian Metal. In addition, Mr David gave high praise to the market information and forums from Asian Metal.
    Edward Zhai, analyst of silicon metal market, probed into the recent demand in the metallurgical silicon metal market with Mr. Gregory R. Wittbecker, and David Chen from Alcoa, and also exchanged views on productions and production cost of silicon metal plants in Yunnan, Fujian, etc.
    Mr. Gregory R. Wittbecker and David Chen noted that they purchase manganese tablet (Mn85%), whose production costs are directly affected by electrolytic manganese market prices. They pay close attention to manganese market recently and exchange opinions with Elaine Zhao, who is in charge of manganese market in Asian Metal.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Edward Zhai, Elaine Zhao, Qinghua Li, Gregory R. Wittbecker, Tiantian Zheng, Daphne Zhang and Friday Gao
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