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    Business Visits

    Alufer visits Asian Metal

    On July 25, Alufer Mining, a major bauxite owner in Guinea, visited Asian Metal. Mr. Tristan Clarke, Commercial Director, and Mr. Mike Murphy, Vice President Business Development from the mining company talked about the global bauxite market with Mr. Friday Gao, Senior Analyst from Asian Metal.
    According to Mr. Tristan, they plan to produce and sell Guinean bauxite from early 2018, and the aimed production in the year is 5 million tons. Based on the reserves at 146 million tons, they will produce bauxite Al45-47% Si 2%. Their mine site is around 15km away from the port, so they can make use of trucks for transportation. In addition, they will use cape size vessels to ship bauxite. They are confident about the bauxite price and demand from China in 2018.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Tristan Clarke, Mike Murphy and Friday Gao
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