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    Business Visits

    Quannan Jinghuan visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of July 15th, Mr. Shujun Guo, the management manager of Quannan Jinghuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Mr. Feng Zhao, deputy general manager of China Nuclear Jinghuan Zirconium Industry Co., Ltd. visited Asian Metal. Ann Zhang and Eric Qiu, who are in charge of zirconium and rare earth market respectively, greeted her warmly and had a nice and deep conversation with her on zirconium and rare earth markets.
    Ann Zhang, who is in charge of zirconium market, talked with Mr. Shujun Guo and Mr. Feng Zhao about the market situation of zirconium chemicals and nuclear zirconium sponge respectively. She introduced the major three producers of nuclear zirconium sponge and the market trends for the material and discussed the production and market tendencies of zirconium chemicals, especially for zirconium oxychlordie and YSZ. At last, they negotiated about further business cooperation.
    Eric Qiu, who is incharge of rare earth market, introduced the raw materials and production costs for scandium oxide production to Mr. Shujun Guo. They talked about eight major suppliers of scandium oxide in China, focusing on the downstream applications both in domestic and overseas markets, such as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)、the aircraft aluminum-scandium (Al-Sc) alloy, the scandium-sodium (Sc-Na) halide lamps and so on. Asian Metal believed that the oversupply and the suppliers’ competitions in spot market are two main reasons for the sliding price of scandium oxide. Although mainstream suppliers are conscious of maintaining the price stable, while the scandium oxide 99.99%min price still shows downtrend in the rest half of 2016 due to the unbalanced situation between supply and consumption.
    Quannan Jinghuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company for non ferrous metals, zirconium and rare earth in particular. China Nulear JingHuan Zirconium Industry Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Nuclear Engineering Clean Energy Co. Ltd. (NECE), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Nuclear Engineering Corporation (CNEC)., mainly engaging in the development and production of nuclear grade zirconia, nuclear grade hafnia, Nuclear grade Sponge zirconium, Nuclear grade Sponge hafnium, anhydrous tetrachloride (zirconium and hafnium) as well as special alloy materials.
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