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    Business Visits

    Xinhu Futures visits Asian Metal

    On the morning of July 11th, Sun Na, the macroeconomic researcher and director assistant of Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd. (“Xinhu Futures” for short), visited Asian Metal. Eric Qiu and Shelly Liu, who are in charge of rare earth and gallium market respectively, greeted her warmly and had a nice and deep conversation with her on rare earth and gallium markets.
    Shelly talked about supply and consumption of gallium metal products, conveying that the oversupply in spot market resulted in sliding prices. And then, more than 50% of gallium metal producers halted production because of price inversion. The demand from LED light and magnet industries keeps relatively stable, therefore, Asian Metal believed that the gallium market would favor de-stocking in the second half of 2016.
    Eric mainly introduced Ms Sun Na the mainstream rare earth production plants and the market conditions of downstream industries, focusing on the hot issues, such as “The rare earth national storage” “Government policies on rare earth smuggling” and so on. Additionally, they exchanged the opinions of future market trends on the basis of current price levels of rare earth products.
    Xinhu Futures was founded in 1995 by Xinhu Zhongbao Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 600208. SH), and is headquartered in Shanghai. The company offers futures brokerage, investment consulting and asset management services to clients internationally.
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