• Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate LiOH 56.5%min, Magnets 0.0001%max Delivered China(-7000)  12-04|Lithium Carbonate 99.2%min Delivered China(-4000)  12-04|Lithium Carbonate 99.5%min Delivered China(-4000)  12-04|Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate LiOH 56.5%min Delivered China(-3000)  12-04|Lithium Manganate Mn 58% Delivered China(-1000)  12-04|Lithium Carbonate 99.5%min Delivered EU(-0.4)  12-04|Lithium Carbonate 99.5%min Delivered US(-0.4)  12-04|Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate LiOH 56.5%min, Magnets 0.0001%max FOB China(-0.4)  12-04|Lithium Carbonate 99.5%min CIF China(-0.4)  12-04|Tin Conc. Burmese 20%min In warehouse MengA(4000)  12-04|Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate LiOH 56.5%min, Magnets 0.0001%max Delivered South Korea(-0.4)  12-04|Tin Conc. Burmese 30%min In warehouse MengA(4000)  12-04|Vanadium Nitride N 14%min EXW China(3000)  12-04|Lithium Chloride 99.3%min Delivered China(-3000)  12-04
    Business Visits

    Samsun Logix Corporation visits Asian Metal

    In the afternoon of July 1, Mr. Jay An and Ms. Yanny Zhang, shipping managers of Samsun Logix Corporation visited Asian Metal and talked about current bauxite shipping market with Mr. Friday Gao, senior analyst of Asian Metal.
    Samsun Logix Corporation, founded in 1983, is involved in shipping business of coal, iron ore and bauxite, etc. They now own eight ships by themselves with loading capacity at 46,000-180,000t and have six ships rented outside.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Friday Gao, Jay An and Yanny Zhang
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