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    Business Visits

    Rasa Corporation visits Asian Metal

    In the morning of February 25, 2016, Mr. Kentaro Hayashi, deputy general manager of overseas business department of mineral sands & resources osaka division in Rasa Corporation and Mr. Guang Wen, Chief Representative of Rasa Corporation Shanghai office, visited Asian Metal, and discussed about the zirconium market with Ms Ann Zhang, Assistant Analyst in minor metals department.
    Kentaro Hayashi inquired zircon sands’ current prices and output of major suppliers in China, especially concerned about Hainan area’s supply. Besides, they asked about Chinese total demand and stocks for the material, and downstream industries’ situation. Meanwhile, they introduced Japanese zircon sand’s price, demand and stocks etc. and exchanged opinions on Iluka zircon sand’s price trend in the second quarter. Both think Iluka is likely to increase offer slightly for zircon sand in Q2, but the sales price is difficult to move up taking weak demand and enough stocks into account.
    Rasa Corporation is a specialized trading company that has grown consistently by supplying firms in many industries with resources, metallic materials, industrial machinery, construction equipment and other products. With regarding to zirconium, they are mainly in charge of zircon sand’s sales for Iluka.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Guang Wen, Kentaro Hayashi, Ann Zhang
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