• Tin Conc. Burmese 20%min In warehouse MengA(-7000)  04-24|Tin Conc. Burmese 30%min In warehouse MengA(-7000)  04-24|Molybdenum Conc. 45%min EXW China(100)  04-24|Met. Coke A 13%max, S 0.7%max EXW Shanxi(50)  04-24|Molybdenum Oxide 50%min EXW China(100)  04-24|Erbium Oxide 99.5%min FOB China(1.2)  04-24|Cobalt Intermediate 30-40% CIF China(-0.2)  04-24|Ferro-manganese Mn 65%min, C 7%max EXW China(150)  04-24|Met. Coke A 13%max, S 0.7%max EXW Hebei(50)  04-24|Tin Conc. 60%min Delivered China(-7000)  04-24|Met. Coke A 13%max, S 0.7%max EXW Shandong(50)  04-24|Ferro-silicon 75%min In warehouse Pittsburgh(0.03)  04-24|Ferro-molybdenum 60%min EXW China(6000)  04-24|Erbium Oxide 99.5%min EXW China(8)  04-24
    Business Visits

    Asian Metal invited to attend the annual meeting of Chinese Tantalum-Niobium Association

    On 14th,January, 2016, Maggie Lee, analyst of Asian Metal was invited to attend the annual meeting of Chinese Tantalum-Niobium Association in Kunming, and talked with 29 insiders about Chinese tantalum-niobium market situation and future market trend.
    On the morning of 14th, Wen Xianzhong, president of Chinese Tantalum-Niobium Association announced the total minor metal market of China in 2015 and talked about the future direction of macro economy. Then He Kunchi, Deputy GM of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd. reported the work of Chinese Tantalum-Niobium Association. At last, there were two special reports from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Taike Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
    On the afternoon of 14th, all the attendees talked about the market and their own operating situations respectively. Most smelters received less orders in 2015 influenced by sluggish global economy and they were pessimistic about the future market. As a major media for tantalum and niobium market in the world, Asian metal will try our best to deepen the exchanges and communication companies at home and abroad. Through the World Tantalum and Niobium Summit in 24-25th,March in Guangdong, insiders will have more chances to communicate and talk with each other directly. Most plants expressed strong support for this summit and would like to strengthen cooperations with Asian Metal in the future.
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