• Cobalt Conc. 6-8% CIF China(-0.4)  08-08|Medium Plate Q235B 10mm In warehouse Guangzhou(130)  08-08|Nickel Cathode 99.96%min EXW China(-5400)  08-08|Nickel Cathode Norilsk 99.96%min In port China(-5400)  08-08|Holmium Oxide 99.5%min EXW China(-30)  08-08|Iron Ore Fine Australian 58% In port China(20)  08-08|Ferro-chrome Indian Cr 58%min, C 8%max CIF China(-0.03)  08-08|Ferro-chrome S.A. Cr 50%min, C 8%max CIF China(-0.03)  08-08|Ferro-holmium 80% EXW China(-30)  08-08|Steel Scrap HMS 8mm min EXW Wuxi(80)  08-08|Iron Ore Fine Brazilian 65%min In port China(25)  08-08|Iron Ore Lump Australian 62%min In port China(25)  08-08|Medium Plate Q235B 16mm In warehouse Guangzhou(120)  08-08|Iron Ore Fine 65%min EXW Benxi(-25)  08-08
  • Hunan Corun plans to invest no less than RMB3.5 billion in lithium carbonate and LiFePO cathode material projects

    2022-06-27 16:02:40   【Print】
    Hunan Corun New Energy Co.Asian Metal CopyrightHunan Corun New Energy Co.Asian Metal Copyright, Ltd.Asian Metal Copyright3 million.Asian Metal Copyright announced on June 24 that it plans to sign the "Investment Project Contract" with Yifeng County Government, according to which the company or its affiliated companies would build "30,000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate material project", "60,000 tons of high power LiFePO cathode material project" and "hybrid power technology platform project" in Yifeng Industrial Park, Jiangxi with a total investment of no less than RMB3.Asian Metal Copyright5 billion USD523.Asian Metal Copyright5 billion (USD523.Asian Metal Copyright3 million.Asian Metal Copyright3 million).Asian Metal CopyrightHunan Corun New Energy Co.Asian Metal Copyright On the same day, the company also announced that it intends to invest RMB500 million (USD74.Asian Metal Copyright5 billion USD523.Asian Metal Copyright75 million) to build a digital core material production line with an annual output of 3GWh within the area under the jurisdiction of Jiangxi Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone.
    .Asian Metal Copyright5 billion USD523Asian Metal Copyright
    Lithium Iron Phosphate Li 3.9%min Delivered China
    China lithium hydroxide monohydrate producers; inventory statistics by province by month
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