• Iron Ore Fine 65%min EXW Laiwu(-35)  05-16|HR Coil S275 JR 3.0mm In warehouse Istanbul(-30)  05-16|Ferro-silicon 75%min In warehouse Pittsburgh(-0.08)  05-16|Iron Ore Fine 65%min EXW Benxi(-30)  05-16|Iron Ore Fine 66%min Ex-VAT EXW Handan(-30)  05-16|Spodumene Li2O 6%min CIF China(100)  05-16|Ferro-vanadium 50%min In warehouse Russia(-40)  05-16|CR Coil DC01 1.0mm In warehouse Istanbul(-30)  05-16|Tin Conc. Burmese 20%min In warehouse MengA(-5000)  05-16|Antimony Ingot 99.65%min In port India(-30)  05-16|Tin Conc. Burmese 30%min In warehouse MengA(-5000)  05-16|Medium Plate S275 JR 16mm In warehouse Istanbul(-30)  05-16|Germanium Dioxide 99.99%min FOB China(-20)  05-16|Ferro-vanadium 80%min FOB China(-1)  05-16
  • Fulin P.M.: 50,000tpy LFP cathode materials project at Shehong Base begins production

    2022-01-13 17:26:27   【Print】
    Fulin P.Asian Metal CopyrightM.Asian Metal CopyrightM.Asian Metal CopyrightM.Asian Metal Copyright announced recently that a 50,000tpy LFP cathode materials project at its Shehong Base has been put into production formally, with the production capacity releasing in order and products starting to be supplied in batches.Asian Metal CopyrightM.Asian Metal Copyright For a 250,000tpy LFP cathode materials project, a 60,000tpy project is being constructed and the remained 190,000tpy production capacity is being planned.
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