• CR Coil SPCC 1.0mm In warehouse Hanoi(600000)  09-23|Silicon Metal 98.5%min Delivered US(-0.09)  09-23|Nickel Cathode Norilsk 99.96%min In port China(-5500)  09-23|Lutetium Oxide 99.99%min China(150)  09-23|Iron Ore Fine Australian 62%min CNF China(2.5)  09-23|Coking Coal A 10.5%max, S 0.8%max EXW Shanxi(60)  09-23|Nickel Cathode 99.96%min EXW China(-5000)  09-23|Antimony Trioxide 99.5%min In warehouse Rotterdam(-0.3)  09-23|Stainless Scrap 304 Solid In warehouse Tokyo(-5000)  09-23|Ferro-gadolinium Gd 73% EXW China(7000)  09-23|Aluminum Fluoride 61%min EXW China(200)  09-23|Molybdenum Oxide 57%min In port India(0.4)  09-23|Indium Ingot 99.995%min FOB China(-5)  09-23|Holmium Oxide 99.5%min EXW China(15)  09-23
  • Yantianhua to set up subsidiary to undertake 500,000tpy iron phosphate battery new material precursor and supporting projects

    2021-11-29 18:02:06   【Print】
    Yantianhua announced on November 26, to accelerate the construction of the 500,000tpy iron phosphate battery new material precursor and supporting projects, the company intends to set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Yunnan Yuntian New Material Co.Asian Metal Copyright, Ltd.Asian Metal Copyright, Ltd.Asian Metal Copyright .Asian Metal Copyright (tentative name), in Caopu chemical zone of Anning industrial park in Yunnan with a registered capital of RMB1 billion (USD157 million) to undertake the project construction and operation.

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