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  • GPRO Titanium announces further rise in titanium dioxide prices

    2024-02-23 11:46:16   [Print]
    GPRO Titanium Industry Co.Asian Metal Copyright .Asian Metal Copyright, Ltd. announced decision to increase sales price of anatase titanium dioxide by RMB800/t (USD111/t) for Chinese market and USD110/t for overseas markets, and to raise sales price of rutile titanium dioxide by RMB600/t (USD83.40/t) for Chinese market and USD80/t for overseas markets, both effective from February 22, 2024.

    This came after the company announced price hikes for titanium dioxide on January 22 2024. This year to date, GPRO Titanium has lifted prices for anatase titanium dioxide by RMB1,800/t (USD250/t) for Chinese market and USD240/t for overseas markets, and has increased rutile titanium dioxide prices by RMB1,400/t (USD195/t) for Chinese market and USD180/t for overseas markets.

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